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What is DirecTV's Phone Number?

The question we are asked most often is about how to talk to DirecTV customer service. Click here for contact information, email and chat options, getting a live person, wait times and more.

How Do I Switch My DirecTV Account to Be Paperless?

As a customer, you can switch your DirecTV account to paperless by following the steps given above. Paperless billing is advantageous...

How Do I Transfer My DirecTV Account to Another Carrier?

There is no way to transfer your DirecTV account to another service. Your only option would be to terminate your subscription and sign...
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Recent DirecTV Customer Questions

How do I change my account credit card

To change your account credit card on DirecTV, first sign in to your online account. From there, find the "My Account" section and select "Manage My Account". Then, find and select "Payment Options". Here, you'll be able to add a new credit card under the option for adding payment methods. Enter your new card details and make sure to save any changes you've made. This will update the credit card associated with your account. Next time, any payments will be taken from this new card.
Asked May 3, 2024 3:26 PM

Can a person choose how many channels and what channels they want

Yes, DirecTV offers several packages with varying numbers of channels ranging from 155+ to 330+. Each package includes different channels. However, users can't create a custom package by choosing individual channels. Premium channels like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime can be added to a base package for an additional fee. Hence, while you do have a degree of flexibility, it's within the confines of the packages offered by DirecTV.
Asked Apr 26, 2024 10:48 PM

do we take the dish when we move

No, you don't need to take the dish when you move. When you relocate, DirecTV offers an Movers Deal in which they provide professional installation of the necessary equipment at your new residence. However, they do suggest you to take your DirecTV receivers, remotes, and owner's manual with you to your new home. Be sure to schedule your DirecTV move by calling their customer service. There may be some charges or requirements based on your specific circumstances. This service ensures a smooth transition of your DirecTV service to your new home.
Asked Apr 5, 2024 6:00 PM

Reinstall satellite dish due to new roof installed

To reinstall a DirecTV satellite dish after getting a new roof, it is recommended to hire a DirecTV technician. Trying to reinstall the dish by yourself can be dangerous and might lead to damaging the dish or getting an incorrect signal. Call DirecTV customer service to set up an appointment for a technician to come out to your property. They will determine the best position to install the dish for optimal reception. Remember, safety is paramount and satellite dish installation includes climbable structures which is better handled by a professional.
Asked Mar 22, 2024 5:43 PM

We are paying for DirectTV Streaming service. Lost it this week. Logo click takes me to a Welcome screen. I don't know my username or password.

If you've forgotten your DirecTV username or password, don't worry. Go to the DirecTV login page and click on "Forgot Username?" or "Forgot Password?" respectively. You'll need to be able to provide some information to verify your account such as your registered email, phone number, or DirecTV account number. After verification, you'll be able to reset your username or password. Once you've done this, you should be able to log in to your DirecTV account and access your streaming service again. If you still encounter issues, it might be a technical problem and would need the assistance of DirecTV's technical support.
Asked Mar 16, 2024 9:05 PM

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Reporting Problems

How Do I Report a Problem with My DirecTV Internet Service?

Although DirecTv and AT&T merged in 2015, you should still receive the same level of customer service and technical support. Plus,...

How Do I Report a Problem with My DirecTV Landline?

Since AT&T primarily began as a landline communications company, it's no wonder that maintaining home phone service is still a priority...

How Do I Report a Problem with My DirecTV Wireless / Mobile Phone?

Even during after the merger of AT&T and DirecTv, both subsidiaries operate normally with DirecTv managing the satellite broadcasting...

Fixing Issues

How Do I Fix Buffering Problems with DirecTV?

With the ever-rising popularity of online streaming as a form of entertainment, streaming service providers such as DirecTV are always...

How do I fix my DirecTV download and buffering problems?

If you are experiencing download or buffering issues with DirecTV, we've researched the best ways to fix your issue and conveniently...

Internet and Equipment

What Internet Speed Do I Need from DirecTV?

DirecTV has a large customer base due to the increase in demand for streaming services and improved internet connection in virtually...

What's the Best DirecTV Modem for My Home?

Choosing what is best for you in terms of products such as modems is not easy; that is why Gethuman puts together information to help...

How Do I Order a Movie from DirecTV?

Ordering on DirecTV, How to order on DirecTV

How Do I Return DirecTV Equipment After I've Canceled?

DirecTV customers have a few different options they can choose from when returning their equipment. DirecTV customers can call customer...

Billing and Payments

How Do I Set Up Autopay for My DirecTV Bill?

DirecTV works on a subscription basis. You can set up autopay on your DirecTV bill using a relatively straightforward process. There...

How Do I Make a Payment Arrangement with DirecTV?

DirecTV offers satellite TV and internet services to residences in all the 50 states. Not all customers are able to make their payments...

How Do I Dispute Charges on My DirecTV Bill?

If you're a current customer with DirecTV and want to dispute a charge on your bill, follow these simple steps.

How Can I Lower or Monitor My DirecTV Bill?

You can lower or monitor your DirecTV monthly bill and still enjoy your favorite shows. To achieve this goal, you need to negotiate...

How do I pay or dispute my DirecTV bill?

Need helping paying or disputing your DirecTV bill? We've got your back. Just follow these easy steps to do so and don't waste any...

How Do I Check My DirecTV Bill?

You can check your DirecTV bill through several avenues including. These helpful tips will assist you.

Account Management

How Do I Switch My DirecTV Account to Be Paperless?

As a customer, you can switch your DirecTV account to paperless by following the steps given above. Paperless billing is advantageous...

How Do I Transfer My DirecTV Account to Another Carrier?

There is no way to transfer your DirecTV account to another service. Your only option would be to terminate your subscription and sign...

How Do I Update Information in My DirecTV Account?

Customers can update their DIRECTV account information by following the highlighted steps above. Its paramount that you safeguard your...

How Do I Change Primary Contact for My DirecTV Account?

DirecTV allows you to change your email address, user ID contact information, billing contact email, and more. If you have any challenges,...

How Do I Access My DirecTV Account?

Accessing your DirecTV account is easy, and you can follow the steps above. It's good to have an account as it allows you to access...

How Do I Add Other People to My DirecTV Account?

The ability to add users to an account is exclusive to DirecTV. The steps for doing this are also very easy. Secondary users are at...


How Much Does It Cost to Cancel My DirecTV Plan?

You may decide to cancel your DirecTV plan for a wide variety of reasons. You cannot perform a DirecTV cancellation online so you will...

How Do I Cancel My DirecTV Service?

Nowadays with many companies unbundling and with the additional monthly costs of streaming services, more customers are looking to...

How do I cancel my DirecTV account?

Canceling a DirecTV subscription can be a hassle, but this blog offers a guide to avoid the inconvenience. To cancel, visit the DirecTV...

Outages and Service Availability

How Do I Report a DirecTV Service Outage?

DirectTV customers have a few different ways to report service outages. The easiest way to report a service outage is to simply call...

How Do I Check If There's a DirecTV Internet or Cell Service Outage?

If you're a DirecTV customer experiencing an internet or cell service outage, follow these simple steps to check for reports of known...

How Do I Check If DirecTV Business Is Available at My Work Address?

Check DirecTV business availability by logging in to your account and typing your area code to ensure you don't have any issues with...

How Do I Check If DirecTV Service Is Available in My Area?

It's possible to check the Availability of DirecTV in your area by accessing your online account and entering your ZIP Code or area...

How do I detect if there is a service outage on DirecTV?

If your DirecTV is having issues, it may not be a problem with your device but it could be a service outage in your area. Here's how...

Moving and Transferring

How Do I Move My DirecTV Service to a New Address?

If you are planning to move soon, DirecTV makes it easy for you to transfer your TV services to your new address. Just inform the company...

Password and Account Recovery

How Do I Recover a Lost Password or Pin for My DirecTV Account?

You can recover a lost password or PIN by following the steps highlighted above. The procedure is rather simple as long as you have...

Device Issues

How Do I Fix a Broken DirecTV Phone If I Have Insurance?

You do not have to worry about your broken DirecTV phone, especially when you have a DirecTV Protection Plan. You only need to file...

How Can I Track a Lost or Stolen DirecTV Phone?

DirecTV phone has made it easy to keep track of their phone locations. It's also great to have compatibility with Find my device feature....

How and When Can I Upgrade My DirecTV Phone?

DirecTV offers a variety of services which at some point, require an upgrade to function efficiently. To get a DirecTV package update,...

Legal Matters

How Do I Get in Touch with DirecTV Corporate Office About a Legal Matter?

You can get in touch with DIRECTV on legal matters by following the right procedure. You can write a letter, email or engage the company...

Payment Arrangements

How Can I Change or Cancel a Payment Arrangement I Made with DirecTV?

DirecTV customers have many options to choose from when it comes to managing their payments. Customers can easily change or cancel...

How Can I Get Out of Paying My DirecTV Bill?

DirecTV offers great packages for viewers. It's quite interesting the additional features on every package. The best deal is having...

Online Access and Settings

How Can I Access My DirecTV Bill and Settings Online?

DIRECTV is one of the most subscribed satellite TV networks because of the quality service, fantastic offers and packages. Your entertainment...
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