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GetHuman: Tools for Busy Customers provides the best advanced tools and information for customers so that they can solve customer service issues quickly and get on with their day.

Some companies are best reached by phone when it comes to dealing with customer service problems. For that, we started by showing the fastest sequence through their IVR phone menu system. Then we added a special tool that calls and waits on hold for you, often skipping large parts of the wait time and getting you to a rep 25% faster than without our tool. Currently, we are testing call-recording for customers as well so that you have a way to remember the conversation in the future in case something arises again.

For the growing number of companies that are not reachable by phone, we have other tools, including our tool that walks you through solving the most common issues fought by customers just like you. That tools helps ensure that you get the best tips and shortcuts, but also makes sure you get as much attention as possible on your problem so that it is fixed quickly and to your liking.

GetHuman's free tools and information are powered by popularity. In the past 5 years we've helped over 150 million different customers with problems ranging from mysterious overcharges to account lockouts. We hope you find it helpful. And please tell your friends!