Call and Fix Customer Service Issues with Ease

Free tools that help you talk and write to companies & state agencies

We help you talk to customer service

GetHuman builds free tools to help you solve customer service problems more easily.
Our free phone can navigate phone menus, wait on hold, and even talk to an agent for you.
We will talk to customer service or wait on hold for you for free if you like

Re-schedule a customer service phone call when a call center is busy or closed
Automatically re-schedule calls when a call center is busy or closed.
Read a summary of your customer service phone call and easily re-try afterward.

Some companies don't offer live customer service, but we can still help.
With a hint from you, we can write that email, tweet, or message to their customer team.
GetHuman will write an email, tweet, or message to customer service for you

Our technology is free and built to help you

Businesses spend a LOT of money building elaborate mazes to "handle" customer issues.
But we don't think it should cost you time or money to get help with their products.
Our tools help contact customer service at major companies for free

Our human team researches customer operations, then builds tools and shares information to save you time
We research customer service contact information and build tools to help consumers.
Our work is ad-supported, meaning we provide tools and information to you for free, always.

Finally: AI that actually helps you!

Our very human team calls customer service phone numbers constantly.
We hand-write all our articles about contact information and how to solve customer issues.
The content on our web-site is 100% written and researched by humans, not AI

But we use AI to have difficult conversations with customer service for you, wait on hold for you, and other tasks that many people find difficult or annoying
But we think AI can help with the annoying and mundane parts of being a customer.
We use Google Gemini™ and other leading artificial intelligence technology to save you time.
Forget hype and doomsday predictions- our AI ACTUALLY helps you with everyday problems.

GetHuman is trusted by hundreds of millions of customers worldwide

Since GetHuman published its first list of company phone numbers and the fastest path to a live human in 2005, we've been written about by every major national news corporation.
GetHuman was in the NY TimesGetHuman was in the Bloomberg TVGetHuman was in the CNBCGetHuman was in the ForbesGetHuman was in the CNNGetHuman was in the Huffington PostGetHuman was in the Inside EditionGetHuman was in the lifehackerGetHuman was in the Los Angeles Times
Customers around the world have relied on GetHuman to help call customer service and resolve issues for nearly two decades. We've translated our customer service tools and information into many languages and helped customers in every country.