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What is T-Mobile's Phone Number?

The question we are asked most often is about how to talk to T-Mobile customer service. Click here for contact information, email and chat options, getting a live person, wait times and more.

How Do I Switch My T-Mobile Account to Be Paperless?

Switching your T-Mobile account to paperless billing should be more comfortable with the simple guide above. However, if you can't...

How Do I Recover a Lost Password or Pin for My T-Mobile Account?

This short article will walk you through all the necessary steps that you can take in the event that you forget your T-Mobile password...
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Recent T-Mobile Customer Questions

Why is the destination on call logs say las vegas

The location or destination noted on a call log, such as Las Vegas, is usually a reference to the area code associated with the phone number dialed, not necessarily the physical location of the call recipient at the time of the call. Many people move or travel and keep their original phone numbers with different area codes. Also, keep in mind that for certain services like toll-free numbers or internet-based phone services, the area code may not accurately represent the location at all. Hence, where it says Las Vegas, that just indicates the area code of the dialed number, not the exact location of the receiver.
Asked Jun 17, 2024 11:24 PM

I purchased an 11promax phone in 2020 and now I want to go to another country. My contract has expired, why hasn't it been unlocked

The unlocking process for a T-Mobile device doesn't start automatically after the contract expires. You need to initiate the process. T-Mobile has certain eligibility requirements for unlocking, like device's installment plan being fully paid, device not being reported as lost, stolen, or blocked, and device being active on a T-Mobile line for a minimum period. Additionally, for postpaid accounts, it requires the account to be in good standing. If you meet all these requirements, reach out to T-Mobile customer service via the contact link on this page to start the unlocking process.
Asked May 2, 2024 1:52 AM

My phone was stolen yesterday and I need it shut off immediately. A payment is due to come in a day or 2 and we do not have the money.

We're sorry to hear about your stolen phone. Unfortunately, we cannot shut off your phone for you. We highly recommend contacting T-Mobile's customer service team immediately to report the theft. They can temporarily suspend your line to prevent unauthorized use and guide you through next steps, such as lookout for device protection if you are enrolled. We suggest reporting the theft to local law enforcement and your insurance provider (if applicable). You should also change passwords for any personal accounts accessed through your phone. Regarding your upcoming payment, T-Mobile offers flexible payment options which customer service can also assist you with.
Asked Apr 21, 2024 6:46 AM

i lost my phone and wondered if it could be tracked

Yes, T-Mobile provides a service called "FamilyWhere" that allows you to locate any phone on your account by GPS. It's important to note that the lost device must be turned on and in a T-Mobile coverage area to be tracked. If you had not activated this service prior to losing your phone, you might not be able to fully utilize it. Furthermore, you can use the 'Find My iPhone' feature if you have an iPhone, or 'Find My Device' for Android phones. Always report a lost or stolen phone to T-Mobile as soon as possible so they can block the device and prevent unauthorized use.
Asked Apr 12, 2024 12:03 AM

I am a metro by tmobile customer and I can't get my cell phone to work

We're sorry to hear you're having trouble with your phone. Make sure your device is fully charged and attempt to hard reset the phone by holding down the power button. If you can't turn it on, you could be in an area with low coverage. Check the T-Mobile coverage map online to see. If all these factors are fine, it could be a SIM card issue or there might be unpaid bills. If the problem persists, please take your phone to the nearest T-Mobile store where a team member can troubleshoot the issue and help you further.
Asked Apr 6, 2024 2:36 AM

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Customer Service

How Do I Speak to a Customer Service Rep at T-Mobile?

As a T-Mobile customer, being able to reach customer support when you have issues or want to change your plan is vital. T-Mobile is...

What Should I Ask T-Mobile When Shopping for a Cellphone Provider?

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How Do I Report a Problem with My T-Mobile Internet Service?

If you're having internet problems and are a T-Mobile customer, you can try clearing cash and cookies or resetting your phone. If this...

How Do I Report a Problem with My T-Mobile Landline?

This easy to follow guide outlines how T-Mobile customers can report problems with their landline service. If you are currently experiencing...

How Do I Report a Problem with My T-Mobile Wireless / Mobile Phone?

Before reporting a problem with your T-Mobile, kindly ensure that your device settings are in place. Additionally, you should also...

How Do I Get in Touch with T-Mobile Corporate Office About a Legal Matter?

Many reasons can make you get in touch with T-Mobile Corporate Office if the customer service team fails to solve your problem. These...

Upgrading Devices

How Do I Upgrade My T-Mobile Phone?

Needs change and you want a cellphone that meets those changes. T-Mobile allows users to upgrade phones online or in stores. You can...

How and When Can I Upgrade My T-Mobile Phone?

It is necessary that you visit a T- Mobile Store or call the customer care representatives as this information is not available online....

Can I bring my own device to T-Mobile?

Yes, you can bring your own device to T-Mobile. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program allows customers to use their compatible unlocked...

Order Tracking

How Do I Track My T-Mobile Order?

When you order a new phone, tablet or accessory from T-Mobile, you want to make sure your purchase arrives on time. You can track your...

Billing and Payments

How Do I Get T-Mobile to Lower My Monthly Rate?

This guide outlines many different ways for T-Mobile customers to lower their monthly rates. The various deals offered by this cell...

How Do I Know If I'm Paying Too Much for My Cellphone Plan?

You can find out if you were paying too much for your cell phone service by reviewing your current plan and then comparing it to plans...

How Do I Sign Up for New Service from T-Mobile?

If you are switching from another company, or if you are signing up for the first time, here's to sign up for new service with T-Mobile....

How Do I Set Up Autopay for My T-Mobile Bill?

T-Mobile is a mobile phone company that offers autopay to its customers. There are some eligibility requirements, such as the need...

How Do I Make a Payment Arrangement with T-Mobile?

You can easily and quickly set up your payment arrangement with T-Mobile. You need to be a postpaid customer and first pay off any...

How Do I Dispute Charges on My T-Mobile Bill?

If you're a T-Mobile customer and need to dispute a charge on your bill, keep reading for a full breakdown of your options.

How Can I Get Out of Paying My T-Mobile Bill?

T-mobile customers have a variety of different ways that they can avoid paying their bills. You can delay your payment by making payment...

How Can I Lower or Monitor My T-Mobile Bill?

If you're a T-Mobile customer, find out how you can easily monitor or lower your T-Mobile bill.

Service Switching

Is T-Mobile the Cheapest Cellphone Service?

This article discusses the deals, plans, and discounts offered by T-Mobile. It also shares specific ways to help consumers determine...

Is T-Mobile Cellphone Service Any Good?

If you are looking for a new cellphone company, you may be wondering if T-Mobile is a good choice for you. It has the fastest speed...

How Do I Switch My Cellphone Provider to T-Mobile?

If you're ready to switch to T-Mobile, you'll need info like your name, current provider account number, and more. You can use these...

How Do I Transfer My T-Mobile Account to Another Carrier?

It's very easy to switch your T-Mobile account to a new carrier, but there are important things that you must remember. Most importantly,...

How Much Does It Cost to Cancel My T-Mobile Plan?

Find out how much it will cost you to cancel your T-Mobile plan.

How Do I Cancel My T-Mobile Service?

If you're a customer with T-Mobile and want to cancel your service quickly, keep reading to find out how.

Lost or Stolen Devices

How Do I Get a Copy of My Text Messages and History from T-Mobile?

Full text message recovery isn't possible with T-Mobile since they're unable to store this kind of data, but you can recover your usage...

How Do I Replace a Lost or Stolen T-Mobile Phone?

This article explains how you can get help getting a replacement phone with T-Mobile if your phone was lost or stolen.

How Can I Track a Lost or Stolen T-Mobile Phone?

Follow these simple steps if your T-Mobile phone has been lost or stolen.

Data and Settings

How Do I Manage My Monthly Mobile Data Usage with T-Mobile?

This article gives advice on managing your T-Mobile data usage. It talks about how some apps drain your data checking for updates,...

How Do I Update Information in My T-Mobile Account?

Learn how to easily update your information in your T-Mobile account

How Do I Check If T-Mobile Service Is Available in My Area?

You need to check the availability of T-Mobile service in your area to know the signal strength, available technologies, and device...

How Do I Access My T-Mobile Account?

Customers can access T-Mobile accounts by following the step above to manage their accounts. It's good to have access to your T-Mobile...

How Can I Access My T-Mobile Bill and Settings Online?

T Mobile makes it easy for you to access your bill and settings online. You may check your usage and pay your bills. If you need help,...

Equipment Return

How Do I Return a Signal Booster to T-Mobile?

This article describes how to return a signal booster that was purchased from T-Mobile. It gives instructions for making returns in...

How Do I Return T-Mobile Equipment After I've Canceled?

You can cancel any T-Mobile service you want at your discretion. However, when you do you will have to send back all the T-Mobile coverage...

Account Management

How Do I Switch My T-Mobile Account to Be Paperless?

Switching your T-Mobile account to paperless billing should be more comfortable with the simple guide above. However, if you can't...

How Do I Recover a Lost Password or Pin for My T-Mobile Account?

This short article will walk you through all the necessary steps that you can take in the event that you forget your T-Mobile password...

How Do I Move My T-Mobile Service to a New Address?

T-Mobile customers can easily move their T-Mobile service to a new address. Keep reading for detailed instructions on how to do so....

How Do I Downgrade My T-Mobile Package?

To downgrade a T-Mobile package can involve either completely changing your plan or removing certain features from your current plan....

How Do I Change Primary Contact for My T-Mobile Account?

When it comes to changing the primary contact for My T-Mobile account, nothing should stop you if you know the right procedure. The...

How Do I Add Other People to My T-Mobile Account?

If you are the account owner, did you know that you can grant other user's access to make changes to the account as well? Follow these...

Outages and Signal

How Do I Report a T-Mobile Service Outage?

T-Mobile customers who experience a service outage should troubleshoot their device as well as other possible technical issues to confirm...

How Do I Check If There's a T-Mobile Internet or Cell Service Outage?

T-Mobile Internet not working? There are ways to check if the problem is with your account, or if it's a larger outage. Here's everything...

Technical Support

How Do I Fix a Broken T-Mobile Phone If I Have Insurance?

T-mobile offers its customers a device insurance plan which covers the damage or repair of your device. T-mobile offers two insurance...

How Can I Fix a Cracked or Broken T-Mobile Phone?

If your T-Mobile phone is broken or cracked, you don't have to buy a new one. You can repair or replace it with your insurance coverage,...

How Do I Get Device Support from T-Mobile?

T-Mobile offers support for a variety of devices, including Apple, OnePlus, Samsung, and T-Mobile devices. Support can be accessed...
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