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Verizon Wireless: How can I activate my phone on a verizon galaxy s4?

I have a metro pcs sim, activated, and wanted to use on the verizon samsung galaxy s4 sch-i545.

Verizon Wireless: Cant make calls

I try to make a call and it says it's dialing and then disconnects

Switching phones: How do I switch prepaid smartphones with Verizon Wireless?

Switch my phone on Verizon

Verizon Wireless: How do I reach a Customer service rep from Verizon?

i switched/downgraded phones and have been billed for the phone i previously had and i do not kno...

Verizon Wireless: How do I make my Verizon phone prepaid?

Can I get a prepaid number with the phone I bought from someone else?

Verizon Wireless: Why is my Verizon phone not picking up signal from the towers?

I have no bars on my phone when standing on the highest bluff over looking lake Michigan. Why are...

Verizon Wireless Andriod: I cant get onto my account because my phone is broken

On the verizon website where you make an account wants to send me a verification pin or whatever ...

Verizon Wireless: How much is a home phone?

I would like to add it too my bill

Verizon Wireless: How do I cancel my Verizon services?

How can i cancel my online my verizon

Verizon Wireless: how do i activate my samsung fascinate

it will not activate when prompt

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