*Michelle Rogers* It is telling me it can't deliver to the address, but that's the only...

GetHuman-michekno's customer service issue with Groupon from August 2018

Help with my Groupon issue
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*Michelle Rogers* It is telling me it can't deliver to the address, but that's the only address I have and I get UPS all the time. I live on the Navajo Reservation.**Nithin Kumar B* Thank you for contacting Customer Support. My name is Nithin Kumar B**Nithin Kumar B* Hello***Michelle Rogers* hi**Nithin Kumar B* May I know the name of the deal***Michelle Rogers* Leo Rosi Women's Darcy Halter Dress**Nithin Kumar B* If you are getting such error I recommend contacting UPS and I also recommend to give addresses of family friend or office address***Michelle Rogers* No, UPS is fine with it. I'm getting the error from you and no one else here has any better address.**Michelle Rogers* This IS our address... even my school where I work across the road from me has the same kind of address**Michelle Rogers* If you will just send it, it's only you that has a problem with it**Nithin Kumar B* If UPS can deliver the product then you will get it ***Michelle Rogers* No, your website keeps popping up an error and won't let me continue**Michelle Rogers* That's odd.*We may currently be unable to ship to this address. Please correct, or contact customer support for assistance in placing your order.****Nithin Kumar B* To clarify, have you contacted the U.S.P.S? Did they say they are able to deliver the Groupon goods to your address? If so, please follow the steps given by U.S.P.S. ***Michelle Rogers* Wait.. are you using USPS? It tells me I cannot use a PO Box, so I assume you are using UPS, not USPS**Michelle Rogers* If you are using USPS, it HAS to go to the post office box. They do NOT deliver to home addresses around here.**Michelle Rogers* if you are using UPS, then the correct address is "* FDEH" and it WILL get here if you'll just send it. It gets here all the time from everyone else. Unless Groupon is inferior to all the other shopping places.**Nithin Kumar B* Well, Groupon goods are different from any other products. Also, we Groupon goods can't be delivered to P.O box address.***Michelle Rogers* How are they different?**Nithin Kumar B* However, I will take it as a feedback. ***Nithin Kumar B* Groupon goods are delivered directly by Groupon, which have restrictions while delivering the products. ***Michelle Rogers* wait.. so someone from Groupon brings the package to me?**Nithin Kumar B* Sorry for any confusion, I means which are sold by Groupon. However, U.S.P.S will deliver the products. ***Michelle Rogers* if USPS will deliver the products, then we have to use the PO Box.. that's the rule from USPS**Nithin Kumar B* Can I have your complete address? So that I will check if the Groupon goods can be delivered or not. ***Michelle Rogers* but i THINK you mean UPS**Michelle Rogers* Michelle Rogers, * FDEH, Fort Definance AZ *******Nithin Kumar B* Thank you. May I know the name of the deal that you want to purchase?***Michelle Rogers* Leo Rosi Women's Darcy Halter Dress**Michelle Rogers* is it possible to speak to someone actually in the US?**Nithin Kumar B* Perfect, I will be right back in a moment. ***Nithin Kumar B* If you prefer, you can request a callback via online. Please allow me a moment while I check on this information for you. ***Michelle Rogers* only if it's someone actually in the US**Michelle Rogers* I'm pretty sure you aren't understanding**Nithin Kumar B* Yes, you can request a callback and our phone representative will get back to you within ** hours. ***Michelle Rogers* this deal says today only**Nithin Kumar B* They are available from Monday-Friday from * Am to * PM EST. ***Nithin Kumar B* As I see this deal is not recently viewed in your account. So I am unable to locate this deal. Can you provide the deal link, that starts with HTTPS? ***Michelle Rogers* https:**www.groupon.com*latest-deals*gg-darcy-dress**Nithin Kumar B* Thank you. ***Michelle Rogers* and i'm sitting on the checkout screen for the deal.. viewiing it in my account now in two broswer tabs and my phone**Nithin Kumar B* Thank you for your efforts. May I know what is the abbreviation of * FDEH?***Michelle Rogers* it is not an abbreviation**Michelle Rogers* it IS the address**Nithin Kumar B* To clarify, do you have any street address or Apt*suite?***Michelle Rogers* yes.. my street address is * FDEH**Michelle Rogers* no apt or suite.. that's all there is.. just * FDEH**Michelle Rogers* UPS has NO problem with this...they deliver all the time**Michelle Rogers* Amazon has no problem with this**Michelle Rogers* wal mart delivery has no problem with this**Michelle Rogers* lowe's has no problem with this (actually i think they use USPS, so we send that to PO Box)**Michelle Rogers* Sam's Club has no problem with this**Nithin Kumar B* Thank you for your time. ***Nithin Kumar B* I checked your address and Groupon goods unable to delivered to your address. I recommend contacting U.S.P.S to verify your shipping address. They may be able to provide you with an alternative format, which may allow the order to go through successfully.* If they are unable to assist, you may try shipping the item to a friend, a relative, or business address instead. Alternatively, if you live in an apartment building, you may try sending the shipment to your building manager. ** ****Michelle Rogers* I live on the Navajo Reservation**Michelle Rogers* Why is Groupon goods unable to deliver to this address?**Michelle Rogers* and why do you keep saying USPS? **Michelle Rogers* if you are using USPS, then THEY HAVE ALREADY VERIFIED THAT WE HAVE TO USE A PO BOX TO SEND THROUGH THEM**Michelle Rogers* The alternative format that USPS uses is the PO Box. **Nithin Kumar B* Our deals will be delivered if the U.S.P.S has an option to deliver it to your address.***Michelle Rogers* Yes, my official address with USPS is Michelle Rogers, PO Box ****, Fort Defiance, AZ *******Nithin Kumar B* Upon checking the information, U.S.P.S is unable to deliver the product. So no other shipper will be able to deliver if your address is not recognized. ***Michelle Rogers* YES THEY DO ALL THE TIME**Michelle Rogers* I JUST GOT A PACKAGE DELIVERED FROM AMAZON THROUGH UPS TODAY**Michelle Rogers* I need to be transferred to someone who is in the United States right now**Nithin Kumar B* Well, as mentioned Groupon goods have it's own restrictions. Your address is not recognized.***Nithin Kumar B* There is no option to transfer the chat to U.S agent who is available. ***Michelle Rogers* So, Groupon is inferior to all of the other online sales businesses?**Michelle Rogers* This is something that I will need to post to all of my social media accounts**Nithin Kumar B* I understand you would like your product to be delivered to your address. ***Nithin Kumar B* However, we are unable to deliver it this address. ***Michelle Rogers* I need you to escalate this to a supervisior. I'll wait.**Michelle Rogers* I don't understand why Groupon is the only entity in the world who cannot deliver to this address**Nithin Kumar B* I will escalate this to my supervisor***Michelle Rogers* Thank you, I will wait.**Wan Nur W* Hello Michelle, I am Wan the supervisor in charge of the Groupon Support. I hope you are well and my apologies on the inconvenience faced by you in regards of Groupon. Please give me a moment while I look into the conversation you had before with my agent and thank you for your cooperation. ***Wan Nur W* Thank you for waiting. I have looked through and it seems that your address cannot be detected by our system. I am really sorry however for Groupon, we are unable to deliver to a PO addresses. This is because our system is not able to detect it. That is why on all our Groupon deal page, we have stated that. This limitation was listed in the Fine Print on the page where you made your purchase.*Does not ship to PO boxes*AK*HI*Puerto Rico.***Michelle Rogers* Ok, we don't need to use a PO Box**Michelle Rogers* If it's not coming through the Post Office, then the address is Michelle Rogers, * FDEH, Fort Defiance, AZ *******Michelle Rogers* This is the address that UPS, FedEX and everything else uses**Wan Nur W* Okay let me provide you the steps on troubleshooting your address.***Michelle Rogers* *arcs an eyebrow and listens***Wan Nur W* Here are a couple troubleshooting tips for entering your shipping address:** See what USPS recommends as a valid address by entering your address here: https:**tools.usps.com*go*ZipLookupAction*input*** Try removing the zip code suffix, even if our system suggested it*** Double-check that you're entering the name of your city and not your neighborhood*** Try different abbreviations (Ste vs Suite, Hwy vs Highway, etc.)**Unfortunately, if your shipping address is not recognized, we will not be able to process your order using that address.**In that case, I'd suggest sending this shipment to a friend or relative if possible, or to your work address. If you live in an apartment building, you may be able to send this to your building manager instead.****Michelle Rogers* I am not a dumb girl, by the way.**Michelle Rogers* USPS recommends the valid address is * FDEH**Michelle Rogers* there is no zip code suffix**Michelle Rogers* i am entering the city, not the neighborhood**Michelle Rogers* it is not an abbreviation. it IS the actual OFFICIAL address.. i am on the Navajo Reservation**Michelle Rogers* EVERYONE else can do this .. I just got a package from Amazon through UPS today at that address**Michelle Rogers* My work is across the road from my neighborhood. .it's a school.. and will have the same type of address**Michelle Rogers* all friends around have the same type of address**Wan Nur W* My apologies however our system is different than other companies. I'm afraid the address cannot be recognized by our system, we are unable to deliver to your address Michelle.***Michelle Rogers* you are being racist against Native Americans because you refuse to use their addresses even though it is the official address**Michelle Rogers* so you are saying Groupon is incompetent? Everyone else in the world can do this**Wan Nur W* I am sorry Michelle however it is all based on our system. Unfortunately if the address cannot be recognized by Groupon system, we are unable to deliver the product. However you can try another address. If it can be recognized, then you may use it to make the purchase.***Michelle Rogers* ok**Michelle Rogers* what address would you like me to try?**Michelle Rogers* there is no other address**Wan Nur W* A recognized address by our system I'm afraid.***Michelle Rogers* so your system is racist against Native Americans? This is the official addresses for the entire Navajo Reservation**Michelle Rogers* it covers a large majority of * states. I doubt you know that because I can tell I still have not been put in contact with anyone in the US yet**Michelle Rogers* so you are telling me that Groupon discriminates against Native Americans, and also against people from * states?**Michelle Rogers* I'm asking because I'm drafting posts for all of my social media accounts right now**Wan Nur W* My apologies however a recognized address is needed for us to be able to deliver Michelle. I am really sorry that this has not been a good experience for you however your feedback will be valuable to us. Hopefully this can be changed in the future. May I know if there is anything else I can look at for you today?***Michelle Rogers* Sure there is.. the person previously said that I had to use the address the post office says to use**Michelle Rogers* that means you ship through the post office, correct?**Wan Nur W* It will be based on our system Michelle. However you can try using the post office address and maybe you could pick it up there?***Michelle Rogers* yes!**Michelle Rogers* Michelle Rogers, PO Box ****, Fort Defiance, AZ *******Wan Nur W* Since it is a PO Box, our system cannot recognized it Michelle. That is the reason why this information have been provided on our fine print. My apologies Michelle.***Michelle Rogers* That means you don't use the Post Office**Michelle Rogers* Then, who do you use for shipping?**Michelle Rogers* AND..if you don't use the post office, then why did the person keep saying it had to be the address the USPS tells me to use? **Michelle Rogers* The USPS tells me to use the post office box.**Michelle Rogers* if you DON"T use the post office, then the post office (the USPS) tells me to use the address * FDEH**Wan Nur W* I understand that but it will be based on our system too. The USPS website is for recommendation of valid address however if our system does not recognize it, we will not be able to proceed with the delivery.***Michelle Rogers* WHO do you use for shipping?**Michelle Rogers* oh i get it....."your system"**Wan Nur W* It will be either USPS, UPS or FedEx however the system will still be based on our delivery system.***Michelle Rogers* ok.. so if it is USPS.. then you use Michelle Rogers, PO Box ****, Fort Defiance, AZ *******Michelle Rogers* if it is UPS or FedEx, then you use Michelle Rogers, * FDEH, Fort Defiance, AZ *******Michelle Rogers* I get a package on average about every other day from UPS to that address**Wan Nur W* The address has PO box. If the system through Groupon cannot recognize the address, I'm afraid it cannot be delivered.***Michelle Rogers* NOOOOO**Michelle Rogers* if it is UPS or FedEx, then you use Michelle Rogers, * FDEH, Fort Defiance, AZ ***** ****--- this is NOT A PO BOX**Michelle Rogers* this is my home street address**Michelle Rogers* please escalate this to someone who is in the US and understands this**Wan Nur W* We are from the States Michelle. It is not up to us to accept your address but our system. If you have tried using the two addresses and they cannot be accepted through Groupon website, it cannot be delivered still.***Michelle Rogers* There are some places in the United States where the post office does not deliver to homes. These places are on Indian Reservations. So, if you are saying Groupon will not deliver to places where the post office does not deliver to homes, then you are SPECIFICALLY targeting and discriminating against Native Americans.**Michelle Rogers* YOU are not in the states (and we don't say "from the States" .. that's one thing that gave you away, by the way)**Michelle Rogers* UPS and FedEX DOES deliver.. they do not discriminate racially.**Michelle Rogers* so if you are refusing to send a package, then you are refusing to do business with Native Americans**Wan Nur W* We do not have that intention. It is just that your address cannot be recognized by our system. That is all Michelle. ***Michelle Rogers* Well then you probably need to find someone who can push it through, because here in America... racial discrimination will have your business in court**Michelle Rogers* and intention doesn't matter.. when it's still happening anyway**Wan Nur W* My apologies that your address cannot be recognized by our system. You can try either your friend or family member's address to see if our system can capture. I'm afraid if it does not, we cannot deliver to your address.***Michelle Rogers* I'm not thinking that you are understanding. This is only a Groupon thing. UPS, USPS, and FedEx will not support your cause because they deliver. It is Groupon choosing not to send a package to someone who lives on an Indian Reservation.**Michelle Rogers* If you hand it to UPS or FedEx.. i guarantee you it will get here**Michelle Rogers* So, the problem lies with Groupon.... **Michelle Rogers* if you hand it to the USPS and put the PO Box on it.. I guarantee you it will get here**Wan Nur W* I do understand you completely and the address is all based on Groupon even if FedEx or UPS accept your address. It is our own system which determine if the address can be used to deliver your item.***Michelle Rogers* So what you just said is.. your system eliminates all Native Americans**Michelle Rogers* If your system does not recognize any Native American addresses, then this is something that a lawyer is going to want to hear about.**Wan Nur W* We do not say that. It is just the address cannot be recognized. ***Michelle Rogers* because it's an address on an Indian Reservation**Wan Nur W* My apologies however if the address you have selected cannot be recognized, we are unable to proceed with the delivery.***Michelle Rogers* why?**Michelle Rogers* why can you not put it in UPS ?**Wan Nur W* As it will be based on the our system. Not UPS or FedEx.***Michelle Rogers* Why?**Wan Nur W* That is how it was built. No other specific reason.***Michelle Rogers* Good.. what you just said is evidence that it is simply discrimination**Michelle Rogers* there's no reason**Michelle Rogers* just discrimination**Wan Nur W* My apologies and may I know if there is anything else that I could do for you at the moment?***Michelle Rogers* Yes, you can put me through to someone from the US**Wan Nur W* You are speaking to one. If you wish to speak to another person, you can email to *****@***.com however the resolution will be the same Michelle.***Michelle Rogers* because otherwise you are about to be in a lot of trouble once lawsuits start ...it is obvious that you do not know what you are talkinga bout**Wan Nur W* Is there anything else for now?***Michelle Rogers* Yes, put me through to someone in the US**Wan Nur W* You can email to the address above.***Michelle Rogers* so you are also refusing to let me talk to someone else?**Wan Nur W* As I am the supervisor in charge of this chat channel. The resolution we will be giving you will be the same I'm afraid. However if you wish to speak to another person other than through this chat channel, you can email to *****@***.com. ***Michelle Rogers* No, I wish to TALK to someone**Wan Nur W* I am sorry however we do not have a contact number. You can still request for a callback using your computer website by following these steps : ***Sign into your account at www.groupon.com.**Find the 'HELP' button in the top right corner of the page.**Click the Help button and it will direct you to another page. ( https:**www.groupon.com*customer*support*select-issue ) **Please choose the order or the issue you want to address and click continue. ( If it is a general issue please click continue without selecting an order)**You would be able to view the Request a Call tab just below the live chat box.**Click the icon and fill in the details and submit as "Talk to Groupon"*Note that the call back feature is available from *:** AM to *:** PM (CST).***Michelle Rogers* So you SERIOUSLY are refusing to let me talk to anyone and refusing to do anything about the situation?**Wan Nur W* I am the supervisor through this chat channel Michelle however if you reach us out through the call back system, the solution will be the same as the address can only be recognized by our system.***Michelle Rogers* So, no one needs to use Groupon until you get your system working correctly?**Wan Nur W* My apologies that our system does not recognize your address Michelle. We will surely improvise our services in the future. ***Michelle Rogers* Your name is seriously Wan Nur W and you use phrases like "in the states" and "reach us out", yet you want me to believe you are in the US?**Michelle Rogers* improvise?**Michelle Rogers* that's what you should be doing right now in this moment.. improvising**Michelle Rogers* ONE other business "didn't recognize the address"... when i called them.. they verified with me that it really was the address and sent it anyway. I got it in a couple of days... that's what "improvise" means**Michelle Rogers* Are you sure "improvise" was the word you intended to use?**Wan Nur W* Yes if in the future, it can make our customers happy then that word fits the best. We always seek for a better tomorrow. I am sorry that your address cannot be recognized Michelle. Is anything else for today?***Michelle Rogers* No, I think you intend to use "improve".. "improvise" does not fit in that sentence whatsoever.**Michelle Rogers* So, again, instead of someone in another country who did not speak English as a first language and does not know how things work here, I need to speak to someone in the US**Wan Nur W* Since there is no other inquiries or assistance needed, thank you for contacting Groupon support. Have a good day!
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