American Airlines Phone Number

Call American Airlines New Flight - I don't know department

This part of the American Airlines phone system goes to a Human. There are 9 steps to get there. You will need the following account information: Departure city, Destination, Morning, afternoon, evening, I don't know and Number of travelers.

Saving time before calling

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Getting to this department

  • What can I help you with today?
    • "New Flight"
      • Are you using miles to book your trip?
        • "No"
          • What is the departure city?
            • "(Departure city)"
              • What is the destination?
                • "(Destination)"
                  • What are the dates of the travel or say I don't know
                    • "I don't know"
                      • Do you want to travel in the morning, afternoon or evening?
                        • "(Morning, afternoon, evening)"
                          • What is the return date, you can also say "I don't know"
                            • "(I don't know)"
                              • How many travelers in your party?
                                • "(Number of travelers)"
                                  • Reads back the inputted information and asks you to confirm
American Airlines Phone Number