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Tracfone phone support
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What to know before you dial
Press 1 for English then press 4 at the next menu. For help for new and existing customers.
This phone number is popular with other Tracfone customers, but be sure to follow the 6 steps further down.
5 mins average hold time
call Mon-Sat 8am-10pm EST
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Worked great. Got my phone fixed in 15 min with this # after floundering for 2 days. After language choice, Option 4 got me a human.-
No new tip but want to say that the above worked like a charm after only reaching and messing up with the automated system X2. Live person was wonderful and helpful and got the job done with no muss or fuss.-
Didn't need someone to call me back. After getting busy signal, a live person answered and solved my problem in a very short time. Wonderful!! They should do away with automated systems. Humans are so much better.-