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What is TracFone Wireless's Phone Number?

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Are there any additional fees or taxes with Tracfone service?

No, there are no additional fees or taxes with Tracfone service. The price you pay for your Tracfone plan includes all applicable taxes...
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Recent TracFone Wireless Customer Questions

I have a Trac Fone that I haven't used for 3 years. Can I still use it if I buy minutes for it and do I get a new number?

Yes, if you have a TracFone that you haven't used for 3 years, you can reactivate it by purchasing and adding airtime. However, unless your previous number was kept active separately, you will likely be assigned a new phone number when you reactivate the phone, as numbers are usually reclaimed after a period of inactivity.
Asked Jun 9, 2024 2:48 PM

If I quit Tracfone can I be refunded for unused minutes

No, unfortunately TracFone does not offer refunds for unused minutes. Their service plans and airtime cards are non-refundable. Once purchased and added to a device, the minutes are yours to use and cannot be returned. Therefore, it's crucial to choose a plan that suits your communication needs to avoid buying too many unused minutes.
Asked May 15, 2024 12:34 AM

My number is 7573673750. Need to refill expired plan

We're sorry, but we cannot directly assist with TracFone Wireless account-related issues such as plan refills. That process will have to be carried out directly through TracFone's official channels. They provide several methods for refilling your plan, such as through their website, by purchasing refill cards at various retail locations, or by calling TracFone's customer service. Remember to have your phone number and any necessary account details ready when refilling your plan.
Asked Mar 24, 2024 6:01 PM

how long do i stay with my number if i dont have service?

If your TracFone Wireless service remains inactive for a period of 6 consecutive months, your phone number will be reissued. To maintain your number, ensure that your service is active at least once within every six months. Please note that unused minutes and service days do not carry over if you do not keep your service active.
Asked Feb 26, 2024 7:25 PM

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Reporting an Issue

How Do I Report a Stolen Tracfone?

If your Tracfone has been lost or stolen, you want to take steps immediately to protect your account. Tracfone does not refund unused...

Purchasing Data

How Do I Buy Data with Tracfone?

If you're planning to buy data with Tracfone, there are plenty of options out there, so be vigilant and patient to get what you need...

Shopping Guidance

What Questions Should I Ask Tracfone When Shopping for a Cellphone Provider?

Searching for a cellphone service is rarely enjoyable, but it's more than possible to make it easier to shop. How? By asking the right...

Customer Satisfaction

Does Tracfone Have the Best Customer Satisfaction for Cellphone Service?

This article discusses the customer satisfaction of Tracfone, a budget-friendly choice for cellphone consumers. This company's satisfaction...

Service Quality

Is Tracfone Cellphone Service Any Good?

Asking yourself if a business is any good is a start in the right direction. To get a true feel, you need to ask yourself if the products...


Is Tracfone the Cheapest Cellphone Service?

Tracfone has been providing prepaid cell service for many years and there's a variety of plans available. There are monthly plans,...

Switching Providers

How Do I Switch My Cellphone Provider to Tracfone?

Not too long ago, switching carriers used to be a huge hassle. Today, making the switch to Tracfone is super easy. You can find a retailer...

Rate Reduction

How Do I Get Tracfone to Lower My Monthly Rate?

Tracfone follows a no-contract, free installation and a zero-cancellation charge policy. If your Tracfone bills are expensive, you...

Unlocking Devices

How Do I Get a Puk or Pin Code to Unlock My Phone with Tracfone?

It is possible to lock yourself out of your phone when you enter the wrong PIN three times. The phone will lock, and you cannot unlock...

Plan Selection

How Do I Pick the Right Cellphone Plan for Me and My Family?

Each family has to decide for themselves what is important to them when choosing a cell phone plan for the household. Considerations...

Voicemail Setup

How Do I Set Up My Voicemail with Tracfone?

TracFone customers can easily set up their voicemail by following a few simple steps. The process will vary depending on your type...

Reactivation Assistance

How Do I Reactivate My Tracfone?

Reactivating your Tracfone service is usually as quick as buying a plan for your phone but there are occasional exceptions. Switching...

Device Support

How Do I Get Device Support for My Tracfone Device?

If you need support with your Tracfone device, you may seek help with these tips.
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