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Playstation Phone Number

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Avg. Wait: 15 minutes
STOP. Don't Call.
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Technical support
How do I reach customer service for Playstation?, How do I activate my PS4?, Why won't my Playstation download the latest software update?, How do I get more information on beIN Sports Connect?, What is a Playstation 4 Ce-34878-0 error code?, What do I do if a get a Playstation CE-33987-0 error?, I didnt get my GTA cash, Ps4 controller keeps blinking white, What is an error code WS-37397-9?, How do I reset a Parent Control Password on my Playstation?, How do I get my 14 day Playstation Plus trial?, Why won't my Playstation 4 turn on?, Can you transfer Playstation Plus from one account to another?, How do I speak to a customer service rep from Playstation?, How do I speak to a Sony customer service rep?, How do I perform a hard reset or reformat my PlayStation 3?, What does error code CE-333984-7 mean?, What do I do for my PS3 if it is showing errors or having..., How do I format my Playstation?, Why do I keep getting error code np-37680-4 and cant log..., how can i send a friend playstation plus, How do I format my memory card?, What is the Playstation error NW-31456-9?, Why isn't my DLC showing up?, System restore download won't prepare, Why haven't I received my VC in 2k16?, My controller is not working, Is the network busy?, Why does my eject button not work on my PS3?, How do I pair a PS3 remote control with a PS3 system?, What is the red blinking light of death mean for my Plays..., How do I get a new hdmi since my Playstation is not working?, What is the error code 8002F14E on PS3 mean?, How do I create a PS4 sub account?, I can't open PSN store from PS4, When will the Playstation Network be back up?, Can you turn a sub account into a master account?, My PS3 won't update, What is the Playstation error code 80029564?, What is an error code 80710b36?, Why aren't my downloaded games available to play?, Why is my PS4 stuck in safe mode?, What do I do if the disc stuck in PlayStation 4?, Why is my Playstation game freezing?, How do I factory reset my Playstation?, How do I report harassment or bullying from another Plays..., How do I set up my Playstation account?, download game that I pre ordered will not download, How do I connect my ps3 to my wifi?, How do I connect my phone to my PS4?, How do I let my Beats mic work on my Playstation account?, I keep getting error code WC-40330-0 please help, How do I connect my Bluetooth to my PS4?, PS3 won't accept disc, How do I transfer my Singstar songs to a new Playstation 3?, Why is my Playstation freezing on only one disk?, Why cant I connect to the PlayStation Network?, Black ops 3 won't download
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Banned Account
How can I get my Sony Playstation account unbanned?, How do I get my locked or banned Playstation account back?, How do I appeal a Playstation ban?
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Account access
How do I change my account sign in information?, What can I do if my Playstation 4 is stolen?, How and when can I deactivate all the devices from my psn..., How do I recover my Playstation password?, Why can't I sign in to YouTube?, How do I report my Playstation account being hacked?, How do I recover my Playstation account?, How do I reset my password?
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My ps4 is charging 19.99 each time for at least the last..., Why will my new PS plus voucher not load?, How do I cancel a pre-ordered game from Playstation?, I didn't get the points I purchased, How do I pay off a debt?, How do I add money to my account?, Can I use my debit Visa card to pay online with Playstation?, Code for free game download will not take, How do I stop auto renewal on my Playstation Plus account?, How come I have not received my voucher and/or why does m..., Will money be taken from my account if I add a debit card..., How do I remove an account on my PS vita?, How do I add funds to my Playstation wallet?, How do I find my Playstation warranty information?, How can I cancel a pre-order with Playstation?, How do I cancel a pre order on Playstation?, How do I transfer funds from one account to another?
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