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Boost Mobile doesn't have an email address for customer care.
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Technical support
How do I tell if the Boost Mobile network is down in my area?, How do I deactivate or stop my call forwarding on my Boost Mobile phone?, How do I recover a forgotten pin with Boost Mobile?, How do I get screen to unlock for a Kyocera phone through Boost mobile?, How do I reset my voicemail password?, How do I order a Boost Mobile SIM card?, How do I unlock my PUK code for Boost Mobile?, Why is my phone not ringing but going straight to voicemail?, Why can't I call internationally if I added international calling?, Can I port my number to Boost Mobile?, How do I perform a soft reset?, How do I remove Adult content filters from my Boost mobile phone?, How do I port my number to Boost Mobile?, How do I recover my voicemail password?, Why cant I send or receive pictures via text messaging with Boost Mobile?, How do I back up my contacts to Google?, How do I get my call history for Boost Mobile?
66 Popular Issues
Payment Arrangement
How can I get an extension on paying my Boost Mobile bill?, How do I get an extension on my Boost Mobile phone bill?
23 Popular Issues
Track an order
How do I track my order?
14 Popular Issues
How do I get a free month service with Boost Mobile?, How do I remove insurance from my phone?
6 Popular Issues

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