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What is PayPal's Phone Number?

The question we are asked most often is about how to talk to PayPal customer service. Click here for contact information, email and chat options, getting a live person, wait times and more.

How Do I Change My PayPal Account Type from Business to Personal?

When you decide to change your PayPal account from a business account to a personal one, you need to know what steps to take. You can...

How Do I Close My PayPal Account?

If you fear your PayPal account has been compromised, of if you aren't going to be using it anymore, you should close it for security...
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Recent PayPal Customer Questions

أحاول تسجيل حساب ولكن لا يتم إرسال كود التأكيد على رقم الهاتف

قد يكون هناك بعض التأخير في استلام رسائل النص من PayPal في بعض الأحيان بسبب التأخيرات التي يمكن أن تحدث من قبل مزود الخدمة. من المهم التحقق من أنك أدخلت رقم الهاتف الصحيح. إذا لم تتلقى الرمز بعد بعض الوقت، يمكنك دائمًا طلب رمز تأكيد آخر. إذا استمرت المشكلة، يمكنك الانتقال إلى الرابط الموجود في هذه الصفحة للحصول على أحدث معلومات الاتصال لمساعدة PayPal.
Asked May 28, 2024 11:58 PM

The incorrect card was charged for a purchase how can I fix this ?

If an incorrect card was charged for a purchase through PayPal, unfortunately, once the transaction is completed it cannot be switched to a different funding source. All transactions are final once processed. For future purchases, ensure that you carefully select the correct payment method before confirming your transaction. You can manage your payment methods in the 'Wallet' section of your PayPal account. If you believe there's been a mistake or a fraudulent activity, get in touch with PayPal's customer support for they can help investigate the issue further.
Asked Mar 18, 2024 9:58 AM

Can’t transfer crypto just purchased out of PayPal

Indeed, at the moment, Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies that you buy via PayPal cannot be transferred externally. The cryptocurrency you purchase through PayPal is meant to be held in your PayPal account. You can sell the cryptocurrency you own on PayPal, but you cannot transfer it to other accounts, either on or off PayPal. This policy is aimed to ensure the transparency and security of all transactions within PayPal's ecosystem. We understand this may bring some limitations, and we appreciate your understanding.
Asked Mar 16, 2024 1:12 PM

apply my PayPal Cash towards my PayPal bill

Yes, if you have funds available in your PayPal Cash or PayPal Cash Plus balance, you can use them to pay for your PayPal balance due. When making a payment or sending money, PayPal will automatically choose from your PayPal balance first, and then your preferred banking method if needed. However, keep in mind that you need to maintain sufficient balance in your PayPal account to cover the total payment amount.
Asked Mar 16, 2024 12:40 PM

The item i ordered says it was delivered but I never received it

We're sorry to hear that you haven't received your item yet. If an item is marked as delivered but you didn't receive it, it's best to contact the seller or merchant first. If that doesn't resolve your issue, you may file a dispute in the Resolution Center of your PayPal account within 180 days of the transaction to initiate the process of getting your money back. PayPal will review the case and make a judgment based on the information provided. Please make sure to provide all supporting documentation when filing a dispute.
Asked Mar 14, 2024 7:38 PM

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Cancellation and Closure

How Do I Cancel a PayPal Transfer?

If you move money from your bank to your PayPal account, or from your PayPal account to your bank, you will not be able to cancel the...

How Do I Close My PayPal Account?

If you fear your PayPal account has been compromised, of if you aren't going to be using it anymore, you should close it for security...

Account Management

How Do I Change My PayPal Account Type from Business to Personal?

When you decide to change your PayPal account from a business account to a personal one, you need to know what steps to take. You can...

How Do I Remove a Bank Account from My PayPal Account?

PayPal customer service representatives are always ready to look into any form of account dispute. Alternatively, you may remove the...

How Do I Change My Debit Card on PayPal?

If you want to change PayPal debit card information, you can easily do so using the digital medium offered. You can choose to install...

How Do I Restore My PayPal Account?

There may be a number of reasons you might need to restore your account, from resetting your email or password to resolving account...

How Do I Unsuspend My PayPal Account?

There are many reasons that PayPal may decide to suspend your account, and when this happens, you'll no longer be able to send or receive...

How Do I Reset My PayPal Password or Account Information?

PayPal makes it simple and intuitive for PayPal users to easily reset their PayPal password or change PayPal account information on...

How Do I Remove PayPal Limitations?

Even though PayPal strives to guarantee convenient and full-time service, limitations may occur from time to time. Luckily, through...

How do I remove the limitation on my PayPal account?

Having a limited PayPal account can restrict actions like sending or withdrawing money, which can be frustrating. Steps to lift the...


What Do I Do If My PayPal Account Got Hacked?

In the unfortunate incident that your Paypal account gets hacked, it must be reported to Paypal immediately. You should also take immediate...

How Do I Report a Fake PayPal Email or Website?

When you receive a fake email on your PayPal account, you should not open it or click any links on that email. You can know that an...

Appeals and Refunds

How Do I Appeal a PayPal Account Suspension?

This article discusses what to do if your PayPal account has been suspended and you want to appeal your suspension and get it overturned....

How Do I Request a Refund from PayPal?

Everyday PayPal processes thousands of transactions from across the globe. However, not all transactions end up as successful. In some...

Payment Issues

Why Can't I Withdraw PayPal Money?

To ensure you can efficiently withdraw money from your PayPal to your bank account, be keen while registering your details. Ideally,...

Why Can't I Transfer Money from PayPal to My Bank Account?

There are many reasons that your PayPal balance can't be transferred to your bank account. One of the most common reasons is that your...

Why Can't I Accept PayPal Payments?

This article outlines how PayPal users can find out why they are unable to accept payments. If you are having issues accepting PayPal...

What Can I Do If I Can't I Login to My PayPal Account?

Access to your PayPal account is extremely important. If you can't log into your Paypal account, you have a few options. Keep reading...

How Do I Escalate a Dispute to a Claim with PayPal?

To escalate a request from a dispute to a claim on PayPal, follow these helpful tips.

What Do I Do If My PayPal Payment Was Declined?

Here are some helpful tips of things you can try if your PayPal payment has been declined.

Contact Information

What Is the Customer Service Number for the PayPal Prepaid Card?

There are many reasons why getting a PayPal Prepaid card is a smart choice. You can use these cards both online and offline or wherever...
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