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What is Netflix's Phone Number?

The question we are asked most often is about how to talk to Netflix customer service. Click here for contact information, email and chat options, getting a live person, wait times and more.

How Do I Sign Up for Netflix?

Signing up for a Netflix account is a fairly straightforward process. You'll need to provide an email address and create a password...

How Do I Recover a Hacked Netflix Account?

If you think your Netflix account has been hacked then you need to take steps to recover sole access to it. Firstly, you need to change...
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Recent Netflix Customer Questions

How do I retrieve my Netflix password?

To retrieve your Netflix password, visit the Netflix login page and click on "Need help?" or "Forgot Password." Enter your email address or phone number and follow the instructions to reset your password via email or text message.
Asked Jun 22, 2024 9:18 PM

When I click on the netflix app, it does not open

When you're having trouble with your Netflix app, the issue might be due to a network connectivity problem, a device problem, or an issue with your Netflix app or account. You can try these fixes in order: First, try fully exiting the Netflix app and closing any other application running in the background, then restart your device. After your device is back on, try relaunching Netflix. If that doesn't work, check to make sure both your Netflix app and your device's software are up-to-date. Lastly, try disconnecting and then reconnecting to your internet. If none of these steps work, there could be a more specific issue at play.
Asked Jun 13, 2024 3:46 AM

Why am I being asked who I want to add to my account? I am the only one who uses my account on tv device and iPad device.

When you log into Netflix, it asks who's watching to help personalize your viewing experience. Each profile gets its own personalized Netflix experience, with unique recommendations, watching history, ratings, and My List. If you're the only one using your account, you can simply select your profile each time. Despite being the sole user, the platform still offers you the option to add more profiles (up to five), which is useful if ever you wish to share your account with family members or friends in the future. So, you can ignore this prompt if you're not interested in adding more users.
Asked Jun 10, 2024 2:06 PM

Waiting for new credit card by mail

If your previous credit card is no longer valid and you're waiting for a new one, you might run into issues with your Netflix payment. Don't worry, your Netflix service will remain active for the time being. If the payment fails, Netflix tries again after a few days. Once you receive your new card, you can update your payment information in your Netflix account under the "Account" section. There, you can select "Update payment info" to enter your new card details. You can do this using any device that has internet and can access Netflix.
Asked Jun 2, 2024 10:43 PM

Netflix is charging me for nothing

We're sorry to hear that you're having difficulties. Sometimes, this could be due to an active subscription on your account even if you're not currently using the service. If you think there's been a mistake, check to see if you have any active subscriptions on your account. If there are no active subscriptions but you're still being charged, it's possible that someone else is using your account without your consent. Always remember to keep your Netflix login details private. If these suggestions don't resolve the issue, the link on this page will provide you with the necessary contact information for Netflix's customer service.
Asked Jun 2, 2024 9:37 AM

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Gift Cards

How Do I Check the Balance on My Netflix Gift Card?

You'll need to create a Netflix account first and redeem the gift card to view your Netflix gift card balance. To redeem a card, go...

How Do I Use My Netflix Gift Card for My Purchase?

You can use a Netflix gift card as a gift or to pay Netflix to watch movies. To redeem your Netflix gift card, go to the gift cards...

How Do I Request a Refund to a Gift Card from Netflix?

To request a refund for a gift card from Netflix, log in to your account and go to Your Account page. On Your Account page, select...

How Do I Buy a Gift Card from Netflix?

To purchase a Netflix gift card, go to the gift cards page on Netflix to see a list of stores. Just pick a store and follow the on-screen...

How Do I Send Someone a Netflix Gift Card?

Netflix gift cards are available at various online stores and physical stores. Just pick a store and follow the on-screen instructions...

What Do I Do If My Netflix Gift Card Balance Won’t Load?

Check your internet connection if your Netflix gift card balance won't load. Uninstall and reinstall the Netflix app on your device....


How Do I Set Up Auto Payment with Netflix?

As a Netflix subscriber, having access to your streaming day or night is important. Therefore, setting up auto payments with your Netflix...

How Do I Update My Payment Method with Netflix?

If you want to update your existing payment method or billing information for your Netflix account, you can revise your payment methods...

How Do I Update My Payment Information on Netflix?

Updating your payment information on Netflix is easy and only requires you to follow several steps. You can do this on their main web...

How Do I Cancel My Netflix and Get Money Back?

To cancel your Netflix account, you first need to log into your account on the Netflix website. Then, click on your profile icon and...


How Do I Sign Up for Netflix?

Signing up for a Netflix account is a fairly straightforward process. You'll need to provide an email address and create a password...

How Do I Recover a Hacked Netflix Account?

If you think your Netflix account has been hacked then you need to take steps to recover sole access to it. Firstly, you need to change...

How Do I Recover My Netflix Account?

The easiest way to recover your Netflix account is by reading these helpful tips.

Alternative TV

What's the Best Alternative to Cable TV?

There are many alternatives to cable TV, including local broadcast networks, streaming boxes and accessing streaming shows and services...


How Do I Disable the Audio Descriptions on Netflix?

You can disable the audio descriptions on Netflix by following the steps given above. The process is simple and easy to follow. Every...


How Do I Cancel Netflix?

Netflix is a popular platform for streaming movies and TV shows. If you want to cancel your subscription, you can do so by signing...


How Do I Fix Streaming or Download Problems on Netflix?

A lot of Netflix users face the same problem. These tips will explain some of the most common problems and how to fix them

How Do I Fix Streaming or Downloading Problems on Netflix?

Streaming or download problems on Netflix are quite common. Fixing these issues usually depends on what is causing the problem. Therefore,...

Request Show/Movie

How Do I Request a Show or Movie to Netflix?

Do you need to request a show or movie to netflix .Keep reading for some helpful tips on how to request a show or movie to Netflix....
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