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Had to go through the menu but got through to a human within 1 minute.-
This tip really does work! I had tried all of the other safelink numbers and all I could get was an automated system or if I did get a human they would "accidentally" hang up on me. This happened to me 4 times! I was becoming so angry that I wanted to scream at the first person that answered the phone. I actually came across this website while trying to find another number for Safelink and I tried their tip and it did work! I still got hung up on "accidentally" and it took me 4 Safelink workers to finally transfer my number to a new phone, but I finally got it working. Just make sure if they try to tell you they need to transfer you to another person, make sure you tell them to transfer you to a real person and not put you in a queue that keeps transferring you around and around on hold. Good luck guys! :-)-
The press 0 trick no longer works as they've changed their system to repeat the current menu if you press 0. Your only current hope is to let the guys here do it for you, or to just keep trying different menu options, calling back when necessary to try a different "route" if you don't reach a live person or get to the prompt you need. I had to try back 4-5 times before I found a prompt for reporting a lost or stolen phone. I tried again while writing this tip, but was unable to duplicate what I had done the first time, so you will have to have much patience.-

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