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SafeLink phone support
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What to know before you dial
Press 1, then keep pressing 0 until you are transferred
This phone number is popular with other SafeLink customers, but be sure to follow the 6 steps further down.
17 mins average hold time
call Mon-Sat 8am-10pm, Sun 8am-7pm ESTopen now
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Had to go through the menu but got through to a human within 1 minute.-
This tip really does work! I had tried all of the other safelink numbers and all I could get was an automated system or if I did get a human they would "accidentally" hang up on me. This happened to me 4 times! I was becoming so angry that I wanted to scream at the first person that answered the phone. I actually came across this website while trying to find another number for Safelink and I tried their tip and it did work! I still got hung up on "accidentally" and it took me 4 Safelink workers to finally transfer my number to a new phone, but I finally got it working. Just make sure if they try to tell you they need to transfer you to another person, make sure you tell them to transfer you to a real person and not put you in a queue that keeps transferring you around and around on hold. Good luck guys! :-)-