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Despite the reported average reply time, the conversation with eHarmony can take days or weeks. But one of our experts can stay on it and take care of it for you:

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While we try to find every shortcut we can for reaching eHarmony customer service by email, we also recommend looking up the tips we have for your specific issue. Whether you're about to email or already have, it's worth checking for precise instructions.
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If you're in mid-conversation with eHarmony, or have already emailed with their customer support and aren't satisfied with the results, there's a good chance we can help. And if you have a moment, let other eHarmony customers know what you think of their customer support.
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This is the best email address for eHarmony, but it's the #2 way to contact them overall according to 397215 GetHuman users. Below is the best way to contact eHarmony customer service.
Online Help
Customer Service
Customer Service