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What is MasterCard's Phone Number?

The question we are asked most often is about how to talk to MasterCard customer service. Click here for contact information, email and chat options, getting a live person, wait times and more.

How Do I Sign Up for MasterCard Credit Card?

Suppose you want to add a MasterCard credit card to your financial portfolio. In that case, you can choose from several options and,...

How Do I Close My MasterCard Credit Card?

If you are thinking of closing your MasterCard credit card, you can do so by calling your financial institution, sending the bank a...
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Recent MasterCard Customer Questions

Kann ich Geld auf meine Mastercard buchen?

Ja, Sie können Geld auf eine MasterCard Prepaid- oder Debitkarte einzahlen, um das Guthaben zu erhöhen. Dies kann durch direkte Einzahlung, Überweisung oder an ausgewählten Standorten erfolgen, die Bargeldeinzahlungen zulassen. Beachten Sie jedoch, dass dies eventuell nicht für eine MasterCard Kreditkarte gilt. Bei einer Kreditkarte besteht die Beziehung so, dass die Bank Ihnen einen vorab genehmigten Betrag leiht, den Sie mit Ihren Einkäufen ausgeben. Ihr verfügbares Guthaben wird durch Zurückzahlen der ausgegebenen Mittel wiederhergestellt. Bei weiteren Fragen wenden Sie sich bitte direkt an Ihre Bank oder den Herausgeber Ihrer MasterCard.
Asked Jun 11, 2024 2:45 PM

why am I being charged a fee to use my MasterCard Debit card at resturaunts?

The fee you are experiencing may be due to the specific policies of the restaurant or your bank, and not a direct charge from MasterCard. Some places or financial institutions may levy a surcharge on card transactions. It's always a good idea to verify with both the establishment where you experienced the fee and your bank to understand the specifics of these charges. Remember, MasterCard is not responsible for any fees that are applied by merchants or your financial institutions when you use your card.
Asked May 16, 2024 9:20 PM

I was told my card was Black Listed. What does that mean?

When a card is "blacklisted," it typically means that the card has been reported as lost, stolen, or compromised, and its use has been restricted by the issuing bank for your protection. This could result from suspicious activities or transactions flagged as possibly fraudulent. Under such conditions, the card cannot be used to make purchases, withdraw money, or utilize any form of payment-related services. It's crucial to get in touch with your financial institution or MasterCard directly to settle this matter. They may issue you a new card or take the necessary steps to secure your account.
Asked Apr 3, 2024 9:26 PM

How do I speak with someone about a prepaid MasterCard super pay

If you need to discuss your prepaid MasterCard, you should get in touch with the financial institution that issued your card. MasterCard itself doesn't have direct access to your personal or account information. Each card has a customer service number listed on the back that you can call for assistance on specific account matters. If you can't find this number or your card, contacting your bank or the financial institution is advised. They have a direct line to MasterCard and can offer immediate assistance. As a precaution, always ensure that you're reaching out to authentic resources to safeguard your sensitive account information.
Asked Mar 27, 2024 2:57 PM

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Payment Assistance

How Do I Pay My Bill with MasterCard?

Paying your MasterCard bill can be done in a number of different ways depending on what works best for you. Whether it's online, through...

How Do I Request an Extension on My MasterCard Credit Card Bill?

If you are facing a financial hardship and need an extension on your MasterCard credit card, your financial institution may be able...

How Do I Use My Points to Pay My Bill with MasterCard

Once you have earned enough reward points from using your MasterCard, you can cash those points in to lower your credit card balance....

Rewards Program

How Do I Check My Points Balance with MasterCard?

Checking your MasterCard points balance is easy. Using the website or mobile app of the card issuer is the quickest route to checking...

How Do I Start Gaining Points with MasterCard?

If you are looking for a Mastercard with a good rewards program, you have several options. Some offer extra points for hotel stays,...

How Do I Redeem My Points with MasterCard?

Being a loyal MasterCard customer comes with a number of perks, including earning points you can exchange for cash, gift cards, travel...

Account Management

How Do I Sign Up for MasterCard Credit Card?

Suppose you want to add a MasterCard credit card to your financial portfolio. In that case, you can choose from several options and,...

How Do I Close My MasterCard Credit Card?

If you are thinking of closing your MasterCard credit card, you can do so by calling your financial institution, sending the bank a...

How Do I Dispute a Charge with MasterCard?

If you find a charge you don't recognize made with your Mastercard, you should dispute the charge to get the problem fixed. Your first...

How Do I Update My Mailing Address on My MasterCard Account?

This article discusses the various ways to update the mailing address associated with your Mastercard account. It shares the steps...

How Do I Add an Authorized User to My MasterCard Account?

This article discusses the steps that are needed to take in order for a Mastercard card holder to add an authorized user to an account....

Card Replacement

How Do I Get a Replacement Card from MasterCard?

Losing your credit card or finding out it has been stolen or damaged can be stressful. You can get your compromised card replaced by...

Card Issues

Why Was My MasterCard Credit Card Declined?

If your Mastercard was declined recently and you don't know why, you should learn what happened and how to fix it as fast as possible....

What Do I Do If My MasterCard Account Is Locked?

This article discusses the steps you need to take to get your Mastercard credit card account unlocked. It also shares the information...

Autopayment Setup

How Do I Setup Autopayment for My MasterCard Credit Card?

Setting up the autopayment option for your MasterCard credit card is a good way to simplify your life by helping you pay on time without...

Fraud Reporting

How Do I Report Fraud to MasterCard?

When reviewing your MasterCard statement, you may notice a charge or charges that you didn't authorize. When this happens, contact...

Lost/Stolen Card

How Do I Report My MasterCard Credit Card Lost or Stolen?

If you have discovered your MasterCard credit card is lost or stolen, don't panic. You can call MasterCard customer support to report...

Customer Satisfaction

Does MasterCard Credit Card Have the Highest Customer Satisfaction?

Does MasterCard credit card have the highest customer satisfaction rating? The answer is complicated since MasterCard does not issue...

What Are Some Reviews for MasterCard Credit Card?

If you are thinking about applying for a Mastercard, you probably want to know what kind of reviews Mastercard gets. Credit Karma records...

Credit Score Impact

How Does Closing My MasterCard Card Affect My Credit Score?

Mastercard cardholders who are considering closing their accounts are provided information on how it can impact their credit score....

Credit Limit Increase

How Do I Increase My Credit Limit on My MasterCard Card?

Mastercard is an American multinational financial institution. The company offers various cards like debit, credit, and prepaid with...

Account Recovery

How Do I Recover My MasterCard Account?

This article discusses the steps you'll need to take to recover your Mastercard account. It shares that you'll need to first access...
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