Uber Phone Number

No Phone Number
for Customer Service
But GetHuman can still help you
Have an expert take care of your Uber issue for you.
And there are other ways to customer service
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Save time before you try to contact Uber

Even when we can't dig up a phone number for companies like Uber, we can usually help with a how-to guide for your problem. Since they don't have a phone number anyways, check if we have one that will help you, or you can hire us to resolve it for you. Tell us why you're calling.
Here are some reasons that other customers wanted to call Uber recently:
"payment issues"GetHuman-taramann6d ago"Network error"GetHuman-charlesk18d ago"Left phone in car"GetHuman-carrilloa mon ago
And here are some very popular reasons why others look for a Uber number
Why is my Uber account inactive when signing up to be a driver?How do I join Uber as a passenger?What do I do if my Uber account is not working?

Did you already talk to Uber?

If you already spoke with a Uber rep (or several), let us know if you were able to resolve your issue and how your experience was- it's how we customers push companies like Uber to give better customer support.
My problem isn't fixed after talking to themReview Uber's customer support
Here are some things that other customers said after somehow getting through to a Uber customer service agent:
"I scheduled an Uber pick up an"GetHuman-blackiel5 mons ago"Greedy as hell!"GetHuman-tobr6 mons ago"Waiting for 30 minutes for my ride"GetHuman-rocasar6 mons ago

Besides Calling Uber

There are 3 ways to contact Uber (Email, Web, Web).
Customer Service
Online Help
Customer Service
Online Help
Customer Service
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