Indiana Visa Debit Card Program (EPPICard) Phone Number

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Indiana Visa Debit Card Program (EPPICard) phone support
First describe why you are phoning below to find targeted help and save time. If you decide to just phone Indiana Visa Debit Card Program (EPPICard) yourself, here are our notes about this phone number: Press 1, then 1, then 1 and wait for further options and press 4. You then enter your ss#, dob, and pin. Press 2 and you will be transferred to customer service
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To get a live person, follow these instructions EXACTLY: Dial the customer service number. Punch in a random 16 digit number, but be sure to use 4447 as the first 4 digits (represents a valid Eppicard card number so you trick the system into verifying its about one of their cards to move forward). The system will inform you that the card number you are entering is invalid. It will ask you to re-enter the number OR wait for further options. WAIT FOR FURTHER OPTIONS. The system will ask you to enter your social security number, date of birth, and PIN. Within a few minutes, you will get a live representative! The rep may ask you to verify your address on file. It is noteworthy that this rep can update your address if you have an Active card status (so if your card status is not Fraud/Closed/Lost/Stolen)**For Fraud/Closed Cards**. The rep will transfer you to the Loss Prevention department. This is a department for the entire Eppicard program, and is NOT State based. The first rep cannot give this number to you. I tried. This rep will again verify your personal information. If you need to update your address, this rep can do it. The rep will verify you made the suspected fraud charges, then unblock your card! Voila! No dumb letters to wait for or write. I hope this helps someone else out there because dammit, I was really starting to pull out my hair! I even cried a little out of frustration. My advice to avoid Eppicard issues or having to pay to call them: If your financial institution doesn't offer Visa services, go to one that does. Even if you don't bank there, you will be able withdraw funds for free. Dump all of your money out of this account and deposit it into your own personal account. Or, if your bank allows, setup an automatic transfer (ACH) to occur the day of your deposit to Eppicard. My bank lets me do it online.-

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