Frito-Lay, Inc. Phone Number

Customer Service
3 mins average wait
Mon-Fri 9am-4:30pm CST
Wait through the menu and remain on the line

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Here are some reasons that other Frito-Lay, Inc. customers called 800-352-4477 recently:
"i need south delhi, supplier r distributor number"GetHuman-bunsncak2 mons ago"Report problem"GetHuman-pachecoy3 mons ago"Wants to complain about the standard of chips sold in our country with y..."GetHuman-syyedwah9 mons ago
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"I want a gallon or a huge bulk of Frito bean dip"GetHuman-chetarap4 mons ago"I want to"GetHuman-khanzaar8 mons ago"They muti bag chips I bought some chips smell like lighting fluid and I..."GetHuman-jellis6a yr ago

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