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Despite not having a phone number, there is a way to access FICO customer support.

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How do I contact FICO customer service?

A:FICO does not have a customer service phone number, but you can contact them through their website.
Unfortunately, the way to contact FICO starts with sifting through their website help and support articles. With luck, you can find a way to submit a form about your issue and then start emailing with them.

Does FICO offer 24 hour customer service?

A:Not by phone. But you can contact FICO 24/7 using other methods. Below is a list of customer service channels and hours.

How to contact FICO Customer Service

There are other ways to contact FICO customer service besides the phone. Below we list them by medium, from most to least popular.

Customer Help Desk / Web Support

fico.com - Customer Service
Online customer service support
24 hours, 7 days
As a last, sometimes only, resort- FICO customer service can be accessed through their website. This can entail digging through help articles before finding a form and "being allowed" to submit a problem to their team. Since this rarely leads to a real-time conversation, GetHuman does not recommend this unless it's the only way.

How should I prepare for my conversation with FICO?

If you have time to do a bit of reading and research, we recommend you read over some of our problem-specific articles. Whatever issue you are having with FICO, we are likely to have an answer and tips to help you get it resolved. Here are some popular problems with brief answers. For details and to ask followup questions live, click on the question.

What is FICO?

FICO stands for Fair Isaac Corporation, a leading data analytics company that provides credit scores. FICO is not a credit bureau itself; rather, it develops the credit scoring models that are widely used by credit bureaus and lenders to evaluate an individual's creditworthiness. The FICO credit score is a three-digit number that summarizes an individual's credit history, helping lenders assess the risk of extending credit. FICO scores range from 300 to 850, with higher scores indicating better creditworthiness. These scores are based on various factors like payment history, debt levels, credit mix, length of credit history, and recent credit activity. Through their credit scoring technology, FICO helps lenders make informed decisions, enables consumers to understand their credit health, and facilitates fair access to credit for individuals.

What is a good FICO score?

A good FICO score is typically considered to be 670 or higher. However, the range for FICO scores is from 300 to 850, with higher scores reflecting better creditworthiness. Lenders often classify individuals with scores above 800 as having excellent credit, while those with scores between 740 and 799 are considered to have very good credit. Scores between 670 and 739 are generally considered good, indicating a relatively lower level of risk. It's important to note that different lenders may have varying criteria for what they consider a good FICO score based on their specific lending policies. Ultimately, maintaining a good FICO score is crucial as it increases the likelihood of obtaining favorable loan terms and interest rates.

What is a FICO score and why is it important?

A FICO score is a three-digit number that represents an individual's creditworthiness. It predicts the likelihood of someone repaying their debts on time based on their credit history. This score is widely used by lenders, banks, and credit card companies to determine whether to approve a loan application and what interest rate to offer. It helps them assess the level of risk associated with lending to a particular individual. A higher FICO score indicates a lower credit risk, making it easier to secure favorable loan terms and rates. A good score also increases eligibility for credit cards, mortgages, and other financial opportunities. It is crucial to pay attention to your FICO score as it affects your overall financial health, enabling you to make more informed borrowing decisions and ultimately save money.

Top FICO customer problems and solutions

Click the link above to get answers to just about any FICO customer service question, including step by step guides for the most complex issues. Or click below to detail your problem and we will get you answers instantly.

Conclusion and closing notes

You came here to see FICO's phone number, the real-time current wait on hold and a way to skip right through the phone lines to get right to a FICO agent. There's good news and bad on that: the bad news is that they don't have a phone number, but the good is that we do know how to contact FICO anyways and help you with your issue. Over the last 18 months, 828 customers like you have come in search of a phone number for FICO and helped us confirm they don't have one. Common reasons that people try to call FICO customer support department include Check credit score, Fix credit score, Question, Complaint and other customer service issues. Rather than trying to call FICO first, consider describing your issue first; from that we may be able to recommend an optimal way to contact them via web. Unfortunately, right now FICO doesn't have any phone numbers. It's not always clear what is the best way to talk to FICO representatives, so we started compiling this information built from suggestions from the customer community. Please keep sharing your experiences so we can continue to improve this free resource.

How GetHuman Helps If FICO Had a Phone Number

GetHuman provides tools and information to over 50 million customers per year in effort to make customer service easier and faster. We don't know a phone number for FICO, but for large companies that do have them, we provide real-time current wait on hold, tools for skipping the hold music altogether, reminders for when the call center opens, and much more. We are able to provide secrets and the best tools by getting feedback from you and rest of our customer community, and by sourcing some of those secrets and tips from FICO customers like yourself.

GetHuman does not provide call center services or customer support operations for FICO. The two organizations are not related. GetHuman builds free tools and shares information to help customers of companies like FICO. For large companies that includes tools such as our GetHuman Phone, which allows you to call a company but skip the part where you wait on the line to get a live human rep. We continue to work on these tools to help customers like you (and ourselves!) navigate the messy phone menus, hold times, and confusion with customer service. As long as you keep sharing it with your friends and loved ones, we'll keep doing it.

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