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No one responded back to my email. I'm starting to believe Facebook is only for drama and inappropriate content. They would rather allow people to upload videos of porn, brutal fights , and people getting their heads chopped off rather then people who want to advertise and promote . A little backwards don't you think ? Facebook needs to create a better way for people to get in contact with them. No one wants to "read" guidelines and terms of condition when they can't access their account do to their team disabling accounts. They also need to provide you with a reason on why your account was disabled not "visit our help center bullshit. I had to go on google to find out why! I am outraged ! What's the point of sending an email if no one will respond back. FAKEbook needs to be shut down.-
No one even reads these messages, they just get rejected automatically-
Good luck!!! Facebook does NOT offer phone support.-
Nup, I've now been waiting for over an hour for a response....not even an auto response...-