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I'm having the exact same experience and it also began four days ago. Everything was working fine up until I try to login one day and blank screen. Nothing is working, can't contact Facebook help and read that you will not receive any either. Alternative methods do not work, so I am at a loss. Just created a page for my artwork to advertise and this happens...Very disappointing and not sure if a fix will ever come.-
Same thing has happened to me and started four days ago. Everything I've read online says you will not receive help and no alternative methods work either. I'm wondering if Facebook itself is blocking pages or this is some big glitch on their part. May never know; Just started an art page and wanted to advertise, but doesn't look like that will be happening. Some people have had luck accessing from another computer, yet will not be using a cell just to log on. It requires you to use a messenger that records your texts, so no thank you.-
Mines been like that for 2 months now. I can only access it on the app on my phone. Everything else either comes up blank or I get the error page.-