Groupon Phone Number

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We don't recommend calling Groupon
There is no way to reach a human at Groupon by calling them. Instead, we have some other ways to help you.
Let us handle it
You can't get a human at Groupon, but you can hire GetHuman to take care of your problem for you.
Tell us the issue
Get a guide for your Groupon issue or we write one for you.
Call Groupon from right here with your earphones/speakers and mic. Convenient, and could save you a lot if calling internationally or running low on phone plan minutes.

How it works

Our web-phone calls Groupon over the Internet. This can save when calling Groupon foreign and non-toll-free numbers from abroad- or if you are on a pay-as-you-go or otherwise limited phone plan. Be sure to make sure your earphones/speakers and microphone are working and stay on this page.

Want to waste less time?

No matter how good your tools are, it still may take you days or weeks to resolve your Groupon issue. Now you can hire an expert Problem-solver from GetHuman.Learn more
Groupon Phone Number