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Tips from other Facebook customers

I complained about a stranger stealing and reposting my 3 ur old child's pic on their Facebook, so far Facebook has done jack **** about it.-
Don't waste your time Face book doesn't remove your personal file from a strangers profile..they don't care-
Facebook doesn't follow or know their own policies on nudity or harrassment. They find that someone being harassed is COMPLETELY acceptable and further more they do not complete reviews based on facts or real evidence.-
Facebook will take a picture down of you breastFEEDING your baby, but will keep a picture of a half-naked stripper up. You're forced to sign up using your cellphone number, which means you're screwed if you don't have one. You can't use a nickname or they forever lock you out of your Facebook. The person who runs Facebook is clearly becoming greedy. He couldn't care less about the people who come on to feed his greed.-
Mark Zuckerberg is a money-hungry man, making updates without any of us in mind. Be careful with your personal information. I've heard many accounts of him selling personal information to others.-
If you're thinking about signing up, you better have a cellphone number, and be willing to out your personal information to the public. If not, you're screwed right from the get-go.-
My girlfriend & I are no longer able to view each other's profiles . I can't get to her pg through any of her family's pg, & she told me this morning that she can't even see her sisters on fb anymore .We think someone might have hacked into her aaccount or mine. Has this ever happened to anyone before? I didn't block her & she didn't block me .I was just on her profile last night too. Haven't been tosettings until after we noticed the problem. HELP!!!!!!!!-
Facebook doesn't help when you report someone for abuse and when you tell the person that harassed you they need to go away Facebook blocks you. How is that fair?????-
I can't even log into my account because of my damn name WTF. I haven't been on Facebook in over 3 months because of This s***. I can't even change my name. WTF and the phone number doesn't even work.-
Facebook tech number does not work. Getting pissed off. Help me please.-
this dont work they want you to pay to get this fixed and this the only thing i vant do on computer is get on my face book page-
isnt working and i need to contact the freaking police department for emergency reason of facebook my p.d. told me to get contact with the fb one n not working is this all a joke?-
this is a joke. I had an account for years and today the fb told me I had to link it to my private profile in case they needed to get a hold of me. but it changed it to a page and I lost all the 1000's of friends and years of fb for my car show. This phone number is a farce don't waste your time.-
Support our efforts to force Facebook to improve their customer service: https://ideas.gethuman.com/Facebook/should-get-a-real-customer-service-phone-number/_RC-
Facebook totally sucks! I was called a racial slur on facebook and they said there was nothing wrong with the post. When I resubmitted asking for an explanation I was given the run around because I am white. When you are called a cracker and told to take your saltine ass out of a convo because you are not white, that is racism and hate. They are refusing to do anything so I am looking for a lawyer to sue because they take down the n word when said in hate but not cracker when said in hate? There is no difference!-
Awful! Have contacted customer support several days in a row to get an answer why a review of a business was removed.....NO HELP!!!-
Called number got a machine saying, "For customer support press 1, for law enforcement press 2, etc." I pressed 1 and the list just kept running. It got to the end of the list and I pressed 1 again, nothing. Waited...the listed started again. Finally hit it so many times that it hung up on me. Argh!!!-
useless telephone number.-
This help center is a joke. I have charges on my debit card from facebook that are over $300. I just wanted to know how they got a hold of my information and how i could possibly get my money back!-
I had a problem longing into Facebook until I went to the GetHuman account of Facebook. Like magic it works again all without me batting an eyelid. Must have auto connection to my account or something. I hope In don't have to come back here again. Thanks Bot (robot).-
Useless, they don't take calls or respond to email-
Same as the rest of the comments i had an account as a " stage name " i am forever locked out out to hell with Facebook.-
whats the point of having a number if you dont take calls?-
I agree with papabugg. What is the point of having the number and even describing what support the number provides if it does nothing except for tell you to go online?-

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