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Filling in the above information helps in 3 ways. First, it helps GetHuman search its database for an issue-specific guide that details the steps for how to fix your problem- perhaps without having to get in touch with The IRS. We don't always have a guide for every possible customer service issue- there are simply too many of them- but we also use this information to decide which guides to research and write next.
Secondly, filling in the above information creates a public page out of your issue that you can share with The IRS so you do not have to keep re-typing your problem when you reach out. You can also share with other customers to solicit help from them. When you resolve the issue, you can share with other customers how you resolve it. The next customer that comes along may see this and resolve their own problem faster thanks to you. You can use the links sent to your email address to edit or delete the public page created through this process at any time.
The third way that this helps is that we can check on you to make sure you finished taking care of the problem. Many customers get discouraged along the way with long wait times and other customer service obstacles, but we can remind you and at the same time check on you and make further suggestions if we have any. Similar to the above, you can use the links we email to you to delete your public page or indicate you no longer want to receive communications about it.