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855-424-7262 phone support
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Press 0# each time it asks for the phone number listed on your account number, then press 1. If in immediate danger, call local authorities.
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7 mins average hold time
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Is there any similar phone back for Australian numbers please? I have called the Airbnb Sydney number several times, they take all my details, put me on hold and invariably the call drops out at about the 15 minute mark. I am chasing a refund and this company's service is very bad.-
Hi sallych, unfortunately right now our callback is only available in North America. We are trying to find a way to offer it for Australian numbers but right now that's still in the works.-
I agree, the customer service for Airbnb is horrendous!! I was put on hold for more than 20 minutes for their urgent call and still no answer! No reply to my emails - this will be my last time using Airbnb and I will definitely be spreading the word!-