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Groupon doesn't have an email address for customer care.
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Delivery problem
Why does my Groupon order say it's still processing?, What do I do if my package is being sent to the wrong address?, Why has my Groupon package not shipped?, How do I change my delivery information on my Groupon Order?
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How do I get a refund or cancel my Groupon?, How long does it take to get a refund from Groupon?
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How do I enter my credit card info on Groupon?, What do I do if my redemption code is not working?, What do I do with an expired Groupon?, What do I do if I redeemed my Groupon by accident?
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Technical support
How do I view my Groupon orders?, Why cant I print my Groupon?, How do I send a gift with Groupon?, How do I contact customer support from Groupon?, Where or how can I talk to a customer service rep from Groupon?
89 Popular Issues

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