How Do I Fix Streaming or Download Issues with Twitch?

Lucky for Twitch users, streaming and downloading issues do not have to be permanent. There are things you can do to alleviate your problem , read these helpful tips to get assistance.

Nov 22, 2021

Twitch is a live streaming platform utilized by thousands of gamers and broadcasters all over the world. Twitch allows its users to interact with other users by streaming and broadcasting live games and events.

You can even gain rewards and recognition for inviting other users to Twitch. Regardless of the perks to be gotten from Twitch, it does occasionally face streaming and download issues.

A stream that is constantly buffering is bad but a black screen when trying to download a game is devastating. It usually leads to you searching for answers on community forums so that you can keep enjoying Twitch.

Lucky for Twitch users, streaming and downloading issues do not have to be permanent. There are things you can do to alleviate your problem for example:

Change your browser

The first and easiest solution when facing streaming and download issues on Twitch is changing the browser you are currently using. It is effortless and very quick.

Your browser may cause Twitch to malfunction in certain cases for example if they are both automatically updating. If you don't have more than one browser on your computer you should download one.

You can also try deleting your browser and then reinstalling it to see if Twitch starts working properly. If this solution does not work you can try more stringent issues.

Shut down background applications

Background applications consume much data that would otherwise be used on Twitch. Background processes can add up to consume much needed bandwidth and closing them is the only solution.

After you shut down the applications, you should reopen Twitch and see if the problem is still there.

Disable browser extensions

Some browser extensions may reduce the efficiency of Twitch. Many people add extensions to their browsers for various reasons like privacy and increasing efficiency.

Disable all extensions or those that you are not currently using. Check if disabling the extension restores Twitch to optimal functioning capacity.

If not, you can try using Twitch in incognito mode. If that still doesn't work, try another fix.

Change your DNS

DNSs are a common reason why Twitch streams may buffer or downloads fail. The reason is that some internet service providers (ISPs) can block access Twitch servers.

You can try using a public DNS like Google or OpenDNS which will help with downloading and streaming issues. You can change your DNS through the following process:

  1. Go to the network icon on your taskbar and click it
  2. Select your network from the menu
  3. Click 'Change adapter options' and a list of available network connections will be displayed
  4. Right click your network menu and then select 'Properties' from the options
  5. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 and then scroll down and click 'Properties'
  6. Input the Google or OpenDNS server addresses and your DNs will be changed.

Disable proxy or VPN

Many Twitch users utilize a proxy or VPN to maintain their online privacy. VPNs typically protect your privacy by hiding your location.

A VPN or proxy can cause Twitch malfunctions on your browser. Disabling the proxy or VPN will possibly alleviate the streaming and download issues.

Clear cache

Twitch buffering issues are often a result of a full cache. Caches store your choices on websites so your experience can be more customized the next time you visit the site.

If you are having trouble on Twitch, you should try clearing your caches. This is a process that can also involve clearing your browsing history. Check if the issues on Twitch are still there afterwards.

If the above solutions fail, contact Switch's customer care for assistance. You can find their contact information on GetHuman.

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