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What is ANA's Phone Number?

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What are the available methods of payment for ANA flights?

ANA offers several methods of payment for flights. Customers can make payment through credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American...
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Do i need a transit visa for layover in japan while travelling to USA from delhi

If you are transiting through Japan and not leaving the transit area of the airport, you will typically not require a transit visa. However, if you plan to leave the airport during your layover in Japan, you may need a transit visa based on the nationality of your passport. It's always best to verify visa requirements with the Japanese consulate or embassy in your home country prior to traveling.
Asked May 11, 2024 4:57 PM

Am I allowed too carry a Painting onto the plane on a international flight

Yes, you can carry a painting onto an ANA international flight. It is important to note that the painting must conform to ANA's carry-on baggage size and weight limits: a total linear dimension (length + width + height) not exceeding 115 cm, and a weight not exceeding 10 kg. However, if your painting exceeds those measurements, it may need to be checked. We recommend packing the painting in a way that protects it during transit and consider taking insurance to cover any potential damage. Please check with ANA's specific carry-on baggage policy before your flight to ensure compliance.
Asked May 3, 2024 1:03 AM

How can I reserve seats for me & my husband?

To reserve seats for you and your husband on an ANA flight, you need to access the ANA website or mobile app. After booking your tickets, select "Reserve/Change Seat" on the menu. You can then pick your desired seats on the airplane seating chart. Please note that availability may vary depending on the fare type you have purchased and the time at which you are making the reservation. Be sure to follow the prompts as instructed on the website or app. If you're a member of the ANA Mileage Club, you may have more options for advanced seat reservation.
Asked Mar 18, 2024 4:20 PM

I will travel from washington dc to ho chi minh city with a connecting flight from haneda to narita, will my checkecked in luggage be checked through?

Yes, your checked baggage will typically be checked through to your final destination. However, it may depend on the specific details of your ticket and the airlines you are flying with. Generally, when traveling with ANA and having a connecting flight, your luggage would be transferred to the next flight. It's always worth checking with the airline staff when checking in your bags to confirm they will automatically be transferred to your final destination.
Asked Mar 5, 2024 5:48 PM

Are tickets purchased with an American Express Card and ANA points refundable or exchangeable

Yes, tickets purchased with an American Express Card and ANA mileage points are refundable subject to certain conditions. The refund process, fee, and refundable amount will be based on the fare conditions and card conditions at the time of ticket purchase. Please note that your ANA mile points used for the purchase will be refunded, while the amount charged to your American Express Card may be subject to a cancellation fee. For exchanging flights, alterations can be made but it's dependent upon the ticket rules, fare conditions, and seat availability on the new intended flight. Always check specific fare conditions when purchasing tickets.
Asked Feb 29, 2024 4:54 PM

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About ANA

What is ANA?

ANA, which stands for All Nippon Airways, is the largest airline in Japan and among the biggest in Asia. Known for its exceptional...


What destinations does ANA fly to?

ANA, or All Nippon Airways, offers an extensive network of flight destinations to cater to diverse traveler needs. As the largest airline...

Baggage Allowance

What are the baggage allowances for ANA flights?

The baggage allowances for ANA flights may vary depending on the travel class and route. For domestic flights within Japan, Economy...

Flight Reservation

Can I cancel or change my ANA flight reservation?

Yes, passengers have the flexibility to cancel or modify their ANA flight reservation. However, the ability to do so might depend on...

In-flight Entertainment

What are the in-flight entertainment options with ANA?

ANA offers a wide range of in-flight entertainment options to ensure an enjoyable and engaging travel experience. Passengers can access...

Special Meals

Does ANA offer special meals for passengers with dietary restrictions?

Yes, ANA offers special meals for passengers with dietary restrictions. They understand that some passengers may have specific dietary...

Seat Upgrade

Can I upgrade my seat on an ANA flight?

Yes, ANA offers seat upgrade options for passengers on their flights. Passengers have the opportunity to upgrade their seats to a higher...

Frequent Flyer Program

What is ANA's frequent flyer program and how does it work?

ANA's frequent flyer program, called ANA Mileage Club, is a loyalty program designed to reward regular travelers with exclusive benefits...

Payment Methods

What are the available methods of payment for ANA flights?

ANA offers several methods of payment for flights. Customers can make payment through credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American...
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