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  • GetHuman site vistors rank this #2 out of 3 ways to reach them.
It's not easy to talk to a person at GetHuman. To get answers or explanations on how to fix customer service issues more quickly, start typing out the issue below and we will connect you with solutions in moments.

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GetHuman Twitter-based Customer Help - Stats

Twitter @ Handle@gethumancom
Best hoursMon-Fri 8am-5pm EST
Right time to tweet them2:45pm
Expected reply tweet3
Issue turnaround time6
Rank (amongst all ways to contact)2
Legibility of messaging79%
Customer service rating78%
Customer votes760
Information last updatedTue Apr 09 2024 09:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

GetHuman Customer Service through Twitter

GetHuman is on Twitter and that's great if you are too (we're guessing you are since you're here). Generally, companies respond quickly to customer requests made via Twitter because they know the conversation is public. However, many customer service teams are not equipped to actually solve problems over Twitter and they will often reply quickly to tell you to call or direct you to their help desk. We're not saying that GetHuman will do this, but don' be surprised if they do.

Customer Support through Twitter in General

One thing you might like even more than trying to tweet or DM GetHuman your customer service problem is to use GetHuman's problem-specific help tool. For companies and problems where phone is the best or only way to deal with the issue, we give you tools to get through to a rep as much as 75% faster. But for companies like GetHuman that might not have a phone number, we also provide tools for getting their attention on Twitter and linking back to a page that you own on GetHuman's website. The nice thing about that is that you can track views of other customers on your own page, which is something that GetHuman's personnel would be able to see as well, meaning that you can share and publicize your issue to get attention faster.

More about contacting GetHuman

Of the 3 way(s) to get in touch with GetHuman, customers like you claim that the best one is the option. From this page you can easily access all the possible contact information options for GetHuman as well as read up on common problems that other customers are having, find out how to fix the most popular ones, read reviews, and more. Know of any other ways to reach GetHuman? Pretty please let GetHuman know about it. We work hard to bring you as much free information and tooling as we can, and we grow that toolset every day, bringing things like the call-back tool that skips the hold music when calling a company or call-recording for customers (beta). The more you use GetHuman and tell friends about it, the more we're able to provide useful, free tools for you and customers worldwide.

How to Contact GetHuman

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