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24 hours, 7 days
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Press 4 to get specialist

Before dialing QVC Customer Service

We've tried for years to eliminate that 1 minute wait for you. But the fact is that it can still take many phone calls to QVC to resolve your issue. Now you can hire GetHuman to do all the work on the phone for you.
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We give or research a guide for your QVC woes in case you can avoid a call.

Call QVC Customer Service

Call Customer Service by tapping below if on your phone, or talk to them from your browser.
Tap or click to call
Tap or click here to call (800-345-1515); Press 4 to get specialist
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Use our web-phone to save plan minutes. Use auto-pilot, record the call & other features.

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Best QVC toll-free numbers and support

This is the #2 phone number and #2 overall way to contact QVC according to 134759 GetHuman users.Here are the best.
Customer Service
Online Help
Customer Service
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