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How do I Contact SwagBucks Customer Service?

The question we are asked most often is about how to talk to SwagBucks customer service. Click here for contact information, email and chat options, getting a live person, wait times and more.

Are there any fees or costs associated with using SwagBucks?

No, there are no fees or costs associated with using SwagBucks. Joining and using SwagBucks is completely free of charge. It is a rewards...
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Recent SwagBucks Customer Questions

I have repeatedly tried to get verification to redeem my $50 to my paypal account already attached to Swagbucks with no credit ever being issued. This has been over a month now

We're sorry to hear that you're having trouble redeeming your SwagBucks rewards. It's important to note that all reward redemptions are manually reviewed for compliance with SwagBucks' terms of use. This process usually takes up to 10 business days. However, if it's been over a month, there may be a problem. We recommend double-checking your email for any communications from SwagBucks regarding this issue. If there's nothing there, consider resubmitting the redemption request. If the issue persists, unfortunately, you will want to contact SwagBucks customer support for assistance with this matter. They'll be able to look into your individual account and handle any potential issues.
Asked Apr 20, 2024 7:20 PM

I have not received my sb for completing a offer. It doesn't even show up that i created an account. Snd i originally made the account specifically for that

We're sorry to hear about your issue with SwagBucks. There may be times when rewards take longer to appear in your account. Some offers may take up to 32 days for SwagBucks (SB) to credit. If it takes longer than the estimated time, make sure you have completed all the requirements of the offer and check if you have ad-blocking software that could interfere. If everything is in order but you still haven't been rewarded, we recommend you to directly consult with the third party who manages the offer. If you are not credited after the indicated wait time, they may require the confirmation email as proof for the SB you earned. Please make sure you keep all proof of your completed offer.
Asked Apr 14, 2024 9:24 PM

My account has been deactivated i.e suspended. I want to reactivate my Swagbucks account.

We're sorry to hear about your issue. Unfortunately, you cannot reactivate your SwagBucks account yourself. Suspended accounts generally result from violations of the SwagBucks terms and conditions. If you believe your account was suspended in error, you should directly contact SwagBucks's customer service to ensure understanding of the situation. They will review your account and discuss with you the necessary steps needed for account reactivation. Make sure to provide all necessary information in your communication for a swift resolution.
Asked Mar 28, 2024 2:46 PM

I did not get my Swagbucks for February when I reached my goal playing Monopoly

We're sorry to hear you're having trouble with Swagbucks. Rewards are usually credited almost immediately after you've completed a task, but sometimes they can take a little longer. If the Swagbucks have not been added to your account within 30 days, it might be due to a technical issue. Ensure you completed all requirements for the reward and that Monopoly is eligible for Swagbucks reward. If you've done all this and still don't see your rewards, reach out to Swagbucks customer service directly with all the details of your transactions to help resolve your issue. They will assist in understanding and possibly rectifying the problem. Remember to keep a record of your activities and rewards for any future inquiries.
Asked Mar 9, 2024 7:07 PM

I have not received my $25 f dollars PayPal cash yet and have even talked to PayPal and was informed that it is on yall end

We apologize for the inconvenience experienced. SwagBucks typically sends all rewards, including PayPal cash, within 10 business days of redemption. However, sometimes there can be delays due to various reasons. But do note, that the status of your cash-out can be checked through your SwagBucks account. If it's past 10 business days and your reward is still not received then there could be an issue that needs further investigation by SwagBucks support team. We recommend reaching out to SwagBucks' customer service for further assistance.
Asked Mar 1, 2024 11:53 PM

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What is SwagBucks?

SwagBucks is a popular online rewards program that allows users to earn points, known as Swag Bucks, by completing various activities....

How does SwagBucks work?

SwagBucks is a rewards program that allows users to earn points called "Swag Bucks" for completing various tasks online. Users can...

What can I do with SwagBucks?

With SwagBucks, there are various ways to make the most of your earnings. You can redeem your SwagBucks for a wide range of rewards....


Are there any restrictions on redeeming SwagBucks?

Yes, there are a few restrictions on redeeming SwagBucks. Firstly, in order to redeem your SwagBucks, you must have a minimum balance...

How long does it take to receive my rewards?

The time it takes to receive your rewards on SwagBucks varies depending on the specific reward you have chosen. For electronic gift...


Can I use SwagBucks internationally?

Yes, SwagBucks can be used internationally. SwagBucks is available to users in several countries, including the United States, Canada,...

Earning Methods

What are the different ways to earn SwagBucks?

There are several ways to earn Swagbucks on our platform. The primary method is by completing online activities such as surveys, watching...

Can I earn SwagBucks on mobile devices?

Yes, you can absolutely earn SwagBucks on your mobile device. SwagBucks offers a convenient and user-friendly mobile app that allows...


Is SwagBucks safe and legitimate?

Yes, SwagBucks is both safe and legitimate. As a recognized and reputable online platform, SwagBucks has been operating since 2008,...


Are there any fees or costs associated with using SwagBucks?

No, there are no fees or costs associated with using SwagBucks. Joining and using SwagBucks is completely free of charge. It is a rewards...
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