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  1. Where is the list of secret phone numbers and codes? See the gethuman database.

  2. How do you maintain this site? Anyone on the web can suggest new secret phone numbers and codes, and then our team of volunteers will verify the codes and publish a new version of the database.

  3. What if companies change their codes? This happens, as a response to this site, or because they happen to be revamping their voice prompt systems. In these cases, one of their employees usually then sends us a new code. :)

  4. What is IVR? "Interactive Voice Response" is the fancy name for the computers which answer most phone calls these days. more

  5. How can I rate a company? Click on a company name, and then you can submit a rating, or tip for somebody else from that company page.

  6. Do you have general tips for getting to a human at any company? See gethuman tips.

  7. Can you help me contact a specific company? Try the gethuman database or tips else send a request

  8. Why should companies allow us to dial 0 for a human? See dial zero.

  9. How should companies use computers to answer phones? See IVR consulting.

  10. What should I do when I can not understand a support rep? See English speaking tips.

  11. What about other countries? See world wide coverage.

  12. Can I republish information from See our copyright.

  13. What's up with the ads on the right side of your pages? Read about gethuman ads.

  14. Who are you guys? Read about us.

  15. You guys are great; how can I help? Thanks. :) Join us.

  16. I have another request not listed here. Contact us.