Which phone do you want to call with?

Our free phone can talk to Fotolia customer service for you and much more.

Our free AI-powered Phone

  • Can call and talk to them for you!
  • Notifies you when a rep picks up
  • Join the call later- or don't!
  • Get a transcript and next steps
  • Re-schedule or retry with ease

Call without AI assistance

  • Do the waiting/talking yourself
  • Get a transcript and next steps
  • Re-schedule or retry with ease

Our free, AI-powered phone makes it easy

Our phone can call Fotolia and talk to customer service for you. Or turn off the AI and do the talking yourself. Once you start the call, you can close your browser and go back to what you were doing; we'll notify you when a rep picks up so you can join... or choose not to. Either way, we'll send you a transcript, summary and recommended next steps after the call. From there, it's as easy as the click of a button to re-schedule or try again. Call center closed? No problem: you can set the phone up now to call when they open or when they're less busy- and when you're ready.

Skip waiting on hold

Although our free phone is capable of talking to customer service for you (letting you skip the call altogether), it can also simply wait on hold for you. It will call, navigate menus for you, wait on hold, and then notify you when a rep picks up. That notification includes a way to re-join the call so you can talk to Fotolia without wasting your time navigating the maze of options and listening to hold music.

Navigate menus for me

If you prefer to be present for the whole call, and don't need our phone to talk for you or wait on hold for you, it can still navigate the menus for you. The phone will do a much better job of this if it knows why we're calling, so be sure to tell us that before you start the call. You can skip giving your phone number if you'll be present for the whole call. Remember to toggle the AI on so it navigates the menus for you. Remember to turn the AI off and unmute if you want to do the talking yourself.

I want to dial and do the talking

Dialing and talking to customer service yourself is always an option too! Using our web-based phone to do it saves you phone plan minutes- especially if you're traveling internationally- and can help you re-schedule easily if the call center is closed or is too busy. You also can still get a transcript and summary for your records at the end.

Use my device's Phone app

If you're on a mobile phone or device with a Phone app and just want to call Fotolia without using our web-based phone, that's fine too. We can help by telling you what information you'll need and what to say, but you can skip that and go right to calling as well. Just remember that you won't have access to any of the advanced features our phone offers, like waiting on hold for you, talking for you, navigating menus for you, or sending you a transcript and summary after the call. To get those features, you'll need to use our phone instead.

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