Don't Dial Diamond Offshore Drilling Yet!

We built free tools to save you time and frustration!

Free GetHuman tools available:
Skip waiting on hold
No need to endure the hold music. We'll call you when they can talk.
Not available for Diamond Offshore Drilling
Help on your specific issue
We help you make a case to Diamond Offshore Drilling, get attention, and connect with others with the same issue.
Call free with GetHuman
If traveling abroad or using an expensive plan, this could save you.
Not available for Diamond Offshore Drilling
Use our Case Builder
We tell you what to say, get their attention, and triple odds of success. Build my case.
Get tips & talking points
Glance at tips from our experts and millions of other customers beforehand. Get tips.
Just want to call them yourself?
No problem! But remember we can save you time in the future, with Diamond Offshore Drilling problems or for just about any other major company. Before you call, here's our tip and/or way to get a person fastest: Direct to human

Why does GetHuman build free tools for customers?

Addressing customer service issues can be a long and painful process for the average consumer. GetHuman was started over 10 years ago with a simple mission: to share the best tools and information amongst consumers everywhere to make getting support from companies like Diamond Offshore Drilling a bit easier. The first free information that we catalogued was the path through the phone menu maze that gets you to a real person the fastest. This small but useful piece of information triggered a quiet revolution amongst customers that resulted in the website you are seeing today. Today, GetHuman supplies millions of useful facts and hints to customers that help save time, and has built sophisticated tools with the same aim. Tools like our robot that can navigate the phone maze and listen on hold for you so that you don't have to and our free web-based dialer cost GetHuman money, but we provide them to you, the consumer, free of charge and show ads on our website to defray the costs of those phone calls we make for you. To date, GetHuman has helped over 120 million customers saving over 3 billion minutes of their time and an immeasurable amount of frustration. We hope we can help you, too.

How our free tools work

We wait on hold for you
Listening to hold music and upselling for hours only to later get hung up on is no fun. So we built a robot that does it for you and calls you when a rep can talk. It's free and paid for by the ads you see on our website!
Call free over the Web
We realized that calling Diamond Offshore Drilling, or your airline or utility company while you're abroad is... expensive. Same if you have a pay-as-you-go phone plan or are running out of minutes. Use this to get a company on the line for free. Why should it cost you?
Case Builder
Saying the right thing to get what you want and getting the attention of the company are the hardest parts of customer service. Until now. GetHuman's Case Builder makes this a cinch.
How-to Guides
While helping over 120 million customers with their customer service issues, we realized that the most common problems account for a majority of the issues we consumers experience. So we started writing free step by step manuals that tell you what to do.