Green Dot Phone Number

Green Dot: Call Me Instead

Oh no- this doesn't work for Green Dot
Either they don't have a call center, or we've been unable to get to a person. Either way, we still can help:
Let us handle it
You can't get a human at Green Dot, but you can hire GetHuman to take care of your problem for you.
Tell us the issue
Get a guide for your Green Dot issue or we write one for you.

How our Green Dot call-back works

First we call Green Dot, wade through their phone maze, wait on hold for you, and then call you back when an agent can talk. We try 4 times, in case we don't get through the first time. Of course, once you do talk to a Green Dot rep, you still have to do the talking, negotiating, etc. If you want to avoid all of that time and frustration as well, try our problem-solving service below.

Want to waste even less time?

Even if you skip the waiting on hold, it still may take you days or weeks to resolve your Green Dot issue. Now you can hire an expert Problem-solver from GetHumanto take care of it for $25.We do this kind of thing all the time and get great results.Learn more
Green Dot Phone Number