You Won't Get a Call-back from McKesson Corporation. But We Can Help.

The GetHuman Call-back service isn't compatible with this number yet.

Just Call McKesson Corporation Instead

Our call-back service doesn't work with this McKesson Corporation phone number. There are a variety of reasons for this, including that the phone number may not have real live human beings answering it, or perhaps we just have not set it up. Regardless, they do have a phone number, so best to start there.

What is the GetHuman Call-back service?

When you are trying to call most large companies, you often are calling into what is known as an Interactive Voice Response system (IVR), otherwise known as a phone menu or phone maze. After that you find your way through, you often have to wait on hold for many minutes, sometimes hours, to speak to a real live human being. But GetHuman has built a tool for customers like you that skips most of this. We call the company, navigate through all the menus, wait on hold for you so you don't have to, and then connect you when a real live human rep is ready to talk. For free. This isn't something we can help with for McKesson Corporation, but we do for many larger companies. As an example, see our Call-back service for Citibank. Since the GetHuman Call-back service isn't available for calling McKesson Corporation, please indicate above why you're trying to talk to them. We usually can give guidance for your specific issue to help you get it resolved.

Example: how it would have worked for McKesson Corporation

Tell us what phone number to call you on when we have a McKesson Corporation rep for you.
We dial, navigate through their phone maze and wait on hold for as long as it takes while you relax or do as you please.
When we finally reach an agent, we call you back. You pick up the phone and talk to McKesson Corporation. Simple!

We get it. The phone menus are confusing. They change all the time. Sometimes it takes forever just to hear all the options. Once you get through, the fun is just beginning. There are seemingly hours of waiting, listening to music you don't want to listen to, while being repeatedly told you're important. Or else listening to ads for other company products. GetHuman builds tools that help customers avoid some of the common frustrations of customer service. We hope you like this feature, and we hope it saves you a lot of time and frustration when you try to call companies like McKesson Corporation! Oh- we almost forgot. If somebody using this tool ahead of you cancels their call-back, we let you take their place in line, sometimes saving you another 45 minutes or more. Power to the customer!

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Calling McKesson Corporation

Our customer service tool calls this phone number when it waits on hold for you.
415-983-8300Customer Service

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