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If you want to join our cause, here are some things you can do:

  1. Be demanding. Do not put up with bad service. Complain. Contact the "office of the ceo" (or similar) and let them know that you want to get a human on the phone when you call their company, else you will take your business elsewhere. When you get bad service, switch to another company who has better service. When you get good service, tell others about it, to help make that company even more successful.

  2. Help seniors or other people who are less experienced with computers by creating a personalized list of companies using the My Companies feature on GetHuman. You can then print the list of companies with phone numbers and cheats.

  3. Write letters to company CEOs, to news publications and magazines, and maybe even to politicians. Tell them your thoughts about getting high quality human customer service.

  4. Provide ratings. Call a few companies listed in the GetHuman database and click on their name to rate their response time and service quality. This is important as it will help us index the best and worst companies by industry type. (Stay tuned for results.)

  5. Improve our data. If you know of a new secret phone number or shortcut (especially if you work at one of these companies :), please tell us about it.

  6. Tell others about the GetHuman effort and website.