Top Ten Irritations for Customers who Call for Tech Support

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During the last 20 year,the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has implemented a number of rules that regulate the outbound calling area. These regulations were strongly opposed by the folks that were doing the outbound calling. They whined like stuck pigs, claiming that these regulations would destroy the industry and cause millions of jobs to be lost. All of this effort was a huge waste of time. The FTC listened to the complaints of the consumers, the proposed regulations prevailed and life went on.

We now are witnessing the first legislation that is addressing the consumer complaints that have been building against inbound calling. It is just a matter of time before we see Federal rule-making by the FTC that supports inbound calling laws.

If legislation is inevitable, would it not make sense to attempt to achieve laws that are reasonable to implement and yet address the complaints of the callers/consumers? This would seem to be a much more appropriate approach than to simply fight the regulations (and end up losing anyway).

The only way to avoid onerous and draconian inbound regulation is to put together regulations/standards that eliminate the irritation that callers are experiencing on inbound calls. Just what are the things that irritate callers the most. Most of the really serious caller irritants have to do with the IVR system.

Following are the ten items that consumers want the most and not providing them is a major irritant:
1. Don't make it difficult to connect to a human.
2. Don't disconnect on errors-- connect to a human.
3. Provide humans that I can understand and that don't have heavy accents.
4. Don't waste my time and confuse me with verbose prompts.
5. Do not advertise to me.
6. If I have to wait in a queue for a human, tell me what the wait time will be.
7. If I provide information to the IVR, don't ask me to repeat it to the human.
8. Don't attempt to entertain me with a persona.
9. Ask me occasionally what I think of your service.
10. Provide the option to call me back.

The graph shown above summarizes the results of a survey that gethuman did in September, 2006 of approximately 4,500 consumers. Some of the items are more in demand than others. It needs to be recognized, though, that even the least in demand item had over 90% of the consumers wanting it. None of these are unreasonable demands. Many of them are trivial to implement. Providing them will lead to consumers that find self-service easy to use and providing a quick-and-easy experience. If the FTC is guided by feedback from consumers, then it should be apparent what the inbound regulations will look like.

Posted by GetHuman on Wed, 15 Nov 2006 8:41pm

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