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Odds are that if you have a TV, you've seen commercials for the flashy Discover it Card. For consumers that love cash back, this card's got a lot going for it, including 5 percent cash back categories that rotate each quarter and an interest-free intro period of 14 months applied to purchases and balance transfers.

And yet, one of the features of this card that Discover is promoting most in these TV spots is their new Cashback Concierge (SM).

So uh ...what is that?

According to their website, the Cashback Concierge is an actual human being (seriously!) that guides you, the cardholder, through their rewards options online so that you can get the most bang for your buck when using their card. The feature is free and, along with the fact that this is already one of the best available credit cards with no annual fee on the market today, is another nice perk from a card that essentially costs nothing to carry in your wallet.

OK, so how useful really is a Cashback Concierge? Actually, more helpful than you might think.

First, this card's cash back program isn't as simple as others since it requires quarterly enrollment (again, free), and the bonus cash back categories rotate each quarter, so there's a little bit of upkeep. It's pretty easy to keep up with the bonus cash back categories, but having a direct line to a customer service member that can explain what is and isn't included in the 5 percent cash back program is certainly helpful.

Second, the ShopDiscover online mall is - in a word - "sprawling". It boasts over 200 online retailers, each of which offer a variety of cash back opportunities that range anywhere from 5 percent to 20 percent when you use your Discover card. This is where the Concierge really comes in handy, since there are retailers selling similar merchandise you might be interested in offering different levels of cash back in return.

We dug deep into the ShopDiscover online marketplace to see which kinds of items and retailers a Cashback Concierge might have to negotiate when directing you, the consumer, towards the best cash back available on your card.

For example, tax season just wrapped up. Discover lists both H&R Block and Turbo Tax as partners, however H&R Block offers 20 percent cash back where as Turbo Tax offers just 15 percent. In this instance, a Cashback Concierge might recommend the former compared to the latter in regards to cash back, though of course price is the most important factor.

In another example, sports fans can earn 10 percent cash back on apparel purchased at FinishLine and Foot Locker, but just 5 percent at Essentially, you tell the Cashback Concierge(SM) what you're in search of, and they'll hook you up with the best possible cash back deal to earn the most savings for you.

Alright, so now that you know what a Cashback Concierge is, will it convince you to apply for a Discover it card?

Odds are, probably not. But the Cashback Concierge feature lends to the overall reputation of customer service at Discover, which has been a perennial favorite among consumers for years. In fact, Discover ranked number one in customer loyalty for the 17th year in a row (!!) according to the Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index report.

So the Cashback Concierge is a semi-useful feature on the Discover it card that really speaks to the company's overall objective of strong customer service. Even if you never use the Concierge, odds are you'll find yourself on the phone with Discover at some point as a cardholder. And knowing that they rank as one of the best (or the best) might make you wince just a little less when you pick up the phone.

And that's worth something, right?

This guest post was written by Jason Bushey. Jason runs the day to day operations at the credit card comparison website

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