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There's an interesting article on with FedEx CEO Fred Smith. In the interview, Mr. Smith gives some insights into his core values for his company, and it's clear that after reading his comments, FedEx continually stresses the value of the customer and the lessons translate directly into one of the stronger customer service departments in the country. We've listed the five lessons below and have added our insight into how it directly translates into strong customer service from the company.

1.) Make reputational intelligence a priority. This one's a no brainer. From a customer service stand point, if you are conscious of what your customers think about you, it directly translates into solid customer service. There's a reason why companies like FedEx and are so successful and it comes from the CEO on down - without a good reputation, you have nothing.

2.) Create a culture that is always striving for excellence. Great companies understand that the only way to succeed is through competition. Competition helps breed excellence, and the best way to succeed is to create an environment where employees can help customers. Not only is FedEx concerned about the in store experience but they are also on Twitter and Facebook, continually monitoring what customers are saying about them. The company does an excellent job at giving it's employees the tools to keep the pulse of customer base.

3.) Don't hide your failures but learn from them to improve. There are a lot of customer service departments out there that have an air of "not our problem" to them. Some companies feel their interaction with customers is over after the point of sale and so when embarrassing stories arise, some companies simply don't care because they already made their money. Well not FedEx. In a business where millions of packages are shipped daily and where a multitude of things can easily go wrong, it's easy for public perception of a company to get out of hand, quickly. Well good companies will admit when they are wrong, they'll study it to make sure it doesn't happen again, ensuring future customers of a great experience.

4.) Always look to improve your process Just like we at are constantly trying to bring you all the latest and greatest ways to get in touch with customer service, FedEx is always looking to improve. Once you stop improving as a company, customers will go elsewhere. This one could also be called "don't rest on your laurels."

5.) Take advantage of unexpected areas for growth This one is directly tied into point 4. Everyone knows FedEx is in the business of shipping, but did you know they do some electronics repair as well? It's small business but it's important that the company is looking for new avenues for growth. Customers like you and me will see this translates to customer service as FedEX customer service is constantly available on any platform available. It's not just a phone number any more, but the company is always at the forefront of technology, making sure they are available any time and by any means possible.

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Posted by GetHuman on Mon, 21 May 2012 6:59pm

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