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This is a problem that apparently 900 million users can relate to. Those of us that check Facebook have probably seen this issue recently. You are checking your Facebook feed and you notice that one of your friends is all of a sudden promoting a pair of Air Jordans for 30% off, or one of your friends who never posts anything is trying to get you to buy a pair of sneakers. If it seems auspicious, it's because it is. This happens when spammers are able to figure out user's passwords and they essentially hijack people's accounts, using them to try and get people to buy sneakers. The problem when this occurs is that since the spammers has created a new password for the account, the user whose account it actually is, can't login and change the account and remove the content, and so they are forced to contact the company. The problem? Facebook forces users to a frequently asked questions page as it doesn't have an actual human for people to speak to regarding this very personal issue. The New York Times detailed this issue perfectly and we want users to check out the story as it hits home for many of us.

Not to ruin the story, but the worst part isn't the fact that the user couldn't speak to an actual human. The scariest part is that according to the representative at Facebook that decided to help (surely only because it was the very reputable New York Times playing the role of intermediary in the issue), Facebook believes there is nothing wrong with it's self help customer service pages, and that users prefer to have it set up this way. Excuse me for a second while I track down the spring that just shot out of my head. When has it ever been better to search through a complicated system of online questions than it is to speak to an actual human, especially when it comes to one's personal information being compromised? I can answer that for you - almost never. What's terrifying about this is that I've ranted and raved about this in the past, and that's one thing. However, it's another to hear representatives from the company confirming the issue, but then apparently having absolutely no sense of reality and claiming that this is how we the masses prefer it? Mind blowing. Hey Facebook, we hate the current set up. Go get a customer service call center, and make them available. We couldn't be more clear about what we want. Got that?

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Posted by GetHuman on Mon, 11 Jun 2012 1:54pm

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