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Sick and tired of getting hit with hidden bag fees, pillow fees and whatnot when flying? Well here's some good news. The US Dept. of Transportation released a new set of guidelines and rules that will require all airlines to disclose all fees and taxes on it's website. For all of you wondering why the website claims a ticket is $200 only to be charged an extra $70 in taxes and fees at checkout, well the bad news is the ticket is still going to cost $270. The good news is you will at least get an explanation of where those $70 in charges come from. There's more good news from the US Dept. of Transportation regarding airlines as well. Customers that are now delayed or bumped from their flights will receive increased compensation from the airlines. Stuck on the tarmac for over two hours? Well the airline is required to provide food and water. The airline lost your bag that you paid for? The airline will now be required to reimburse you for the amount of the fee you paid. Did you get bumped from your flight involuntarily? If it was a short delay you can get up to $650, and if it's a longer delay, you can get up to $1,300. This is all very good news. Thanks for getting our back US Dept. of Transportation.

Hopefully this means a more consistent product offered by all airlines in the future. While these companies are in the business of pushing the limit of what is allowed in terms of charging customers, they are also very adept at finding the loopholes in the system. While we'd like to think this will require a more pleasurable, consistent flying experience, the transition for the airline industry could be a bumpy one. Already facing extremely thin margins, most airlines will most likely scoff at the new rules as it could potentially leave them on the hook for more expenses. However, we're going to remain optimistic that these new rules will allow us to know what we're paying for when we buy a plane ticket, as well as what our rights are when the airline doesn't hold it's end of the deal, all leading to a much more efficient system.

For more on the new rules that will go into place in 120 days, click here.

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Posted by GetHuman on Thu, 21 Apr 2011 2:06pm

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