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In what should come as a surprise to nobody, the company that can't seem to get out of it's own way, AT&T, is now back tracking on it's policy of offering unlimited data for $30 per month. The company announced that customers who now exceed a certain level of data usage per month, will be "throttled back" and will now have to start paying more. The move affects some 17 million customers in the US. AT&T has been struggling to find ways to increase revenues ever since it's failed merger with T-Mobile which would have increased the company's bandwidth, and this is apparently what they have come up with as an answer. For those AT&T subscribers out there that were grandfathered into the $30 per month unlimited data plan, please note that you will be allowed to download up to 3GB under your current plan, but anything over that amount and you will be charged more. The purpose of the move is two-fold. First to increase revenue, and second to limit capacity on an overburdened network. The company hopes the move will help decrease traffic on the network, helping to appease those customers that complain about dropped calls and slow download speeds. The company is also sending out notices to existing customers that have old 2G phones that they will be switched over to another network. The company is providing those customers with free phones that will work on the network, but surprise surprise, the new phone plans will cost customers more.

I guess we shouldn't be that shocked by this development. As noted in this space previously, AT&T really needed that planned merger with T-Mobile to get approved in order to keep up with Verizon Wireless in terms of available bandwidth. The company is clearly struggling to keep up, and it's only bullet left in the gun is to try and increase revenue by charging customers more. The only question remains to existing customers is, what's keeping you from leaving AT&T for another carrier? If the network drops calls and is now charging you more money to do so, why stay? We'd love to hear from some of our AT&T clients, so feel free to send us Feedback if you can.

For more on the change in AT&T's data usage policy, Click here.

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Posted by GetHuman on Fri, 2 Mar 2012 4:19pm

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