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Check if there's a faster way to get help for your specific problem: Describe why you're calling
Then, call 800-922-0204Press 2 then 0# then 0 then 0 then 0# then 0#. EXISTING CUSTOMERS press 1 then press 4, then say "Customer Service" then wait and enter last four of social security number.

In general, help is available at this phone number for: customer problemssupportcustomer careissuesquestionsbillingsalescustomer service

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avg wait9 mins
call hoursMon-Fri 6am-11pm, Sat-Sun 7am-4pm CSTopen now
SERVESVerizon Wireless Customers
RANK#1 phone number
RANK OVERALL#1 overall

Tips from other Verizon Wireless customers

as of 8/17, this number seems to try to force you to use a mobile app or web site. To get human, I needed to use the international support number-
Some tips: When you call this number you'll be asked to key in the wireless number you are calling about. After that you'll be sent to a Main Menu. Press 3 for Technical Support. At the prompt, say "Customer Service". It may ask for your billing password (usually a four-digit number), for "security purposes,". You are then put in the queue. If you aren't fully satisfied by the representative who answers the call, ask to speak with a supervisor, and be persistent and patient. I found that the supervisor was much clearer in answering questions, more knowledgable about details, and had a more proactive problem-solving approach. The agent may not be able to connect you immediately, but be persistent. You may have to go through several waits on hold listening to music. But, if you politely insist, the agent WILL eventually connect you, or have the supervisor call you back. I opted for the latter, and it only took 10 min. When you're finished, ask the supervisor to text you his/her e-mail address. Having that address can be a time-saver down the road.-
as of 8/10/15 a Verizon phone service rep told me to keep hitting "9" and it will bring you to a rep.-
as of 8/4/15, once you press 2, then 0 it hangs up on you :^(-
It used to be that the automatic dialing option worked--I waited for Verizon to call me. That option no longer works. What happened?-
As of Sept. 9, 2015: Trying to get a human on the line for tech support is a terrible experience. But if you want to sign up as a new customer, you'll get a human right away. So, just act like a new customer until you get a human on the line and then ask to be transferred to tech support. BUTTONS TO PRESS: (1) Press "#" to skip entering your phone number. (2) Press "1" to become a new customer. (3) Press "2" to become a new customer. (4) Say "new customer" when it asks you the reason for your call. (5) You will be connected with a human now, so ask to be transferred to tech support. Worked great for me today. Hope it helps.-
I have been on hold for 38 minutes... really bad customer service... I dialed 800 number and went thru the menus.. why should we wait that long... trying to get my contacts to synch... expensive service and poor support... 10 sept started at-
the easiest way I was told by a in store sales agent was to press 0 during each prompt until it tells you that all calls may be monitored or recorded-
Find another wireless company - Verizon service is the absolute worst!-
Horrible, horrible, horrible company. No numbers to call, endless waits - a nightmare!-