IRS Phone Number

Call IRS English - Personal Income Tax - Form/Payment/History - Status of refund department

This part of the IRS phone system goes to a Recording. There are 10 steps to get there. You will need the following account information: Social security number, Response and Refund amount.
Paraphrased recording
"Tells you the status of your return"

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  • 1English
    • 2Personal Income Tax
      • 1Form/Payment/History
        • 1Status of refund
          • What is your social security number?
            • "(Social security number)"
              • Are you single, married and filing jointly, married and filing separately, head of the household, widow)
                • "(Response)"
                  • Enter the refund amount
                    • "(Refund amount)"
                      • Repeats social security number and asks if that is correct
                        • "Yes"
                          • Repeats filing status and asks to confirm
                            • "Yes"
                              • Repeats refund amount and confirms
IRS Phone Number