boucher ford did the Bait and Switch ( Up Sell ) after the Lemon of a Car ( Was Returned )

GetHuman-mcldotco's customer service issue with Ford from October 2019

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The issue in GetHuman-mcldotco's own words
Exchange Lemon ( Escape ) -SE - for New Version of the Same Vehicle - ... For many the shear idea of making a new purchase sends them into fits of joy and anticipation.Yet, still for others its the thrill of the chase that drives the passion few can understand completely. When I began the journey you are reading about here it was none of these. Purely followed up on information the media was rolling out in every direction. Curious as to what the ( Real ) story of it all meant I did what it is that makes ( CENTS ). Researched the various details and asked dealers that had been targeting me via e-mails to explain this based on one particular vehicle. The **** Ford Escape SE in Sedona Orange Metallic. Had only seen these through dealer websites of lot stock and needed to find out ( IF ) they actually had them and what the End price after rebates, customer cash, hold backs, and Ford incentives, would discount it to be for me? Sounds Simple enough yet, being Disabled with a Handicap only adds to the Extent of things needed to be done for that to happen. After weeks of being run in a circle by another automotive group in the area, it was time to step in the doors of a farther away dealer that might be more receptive to my needs. ( KEY WORDS ) to remember here are - Might Be - Butt, as in the - *** - in all of Us, Not Guaranteed to be any better and possibly even worse then the previous two weeks had been of being bounced around with nothing except frustration to show for it all. Think of it this way: When you decide to act on a Promise of Better things ahead then behind you were- that expectation should be positive and therefore fulfilling- Right? Or more to the point in this case ( W R O N G ). After walking through the door we asked a few basic questions that would either expand on the idea or simply walk away from it all together. Are you still offering all the advertised Savings as seen on TV and being sent out via mass mailings though e-mails and so forth ? Will it be possible to combine numerous discounts on this one particular model? Do YOU HAVE the - One - we are interested in ? Based on those three things it should have been a ( One and Done ) outing that either got us a New Vehicle or sent us on our way to live and breath to see another day content in the knowledge we tried. Instead, this dealer ( Purposely ) took it in a different direction all together. We knew from previous searches and the in person sightings of what the Ford’s Website was showing and also other dealers lot stock had directly. Even had the Exact Vin. * and Location of the dealer info with us at the time of this all occurring. They told us ( That ) one would not Qualify and that Ford has specific data to move forward from. What ever the - **** - that all means. Famous Last Words Never to Forget. ( WE DON’T HAVE ONE - BUTT WE CAN GET ONE ) - YES - We do this all the time. Sell the car, then locate it after the fact ( REALLY ?) Sounds Risky and also Very Tricky along with being Against ones normal way of thinking. Try it ( BEFORE ) You Buy It. They literally, without hesitation wanted all our personal information and asked how much we were putting forth as a Down Payment and if there was a - Trade In - as well? Said they needed a Finance Application filled out - Right AWAY - to get us the ( BEST RATE POSSIBLE ) and that would pave the way for a - Quick and Painless - Follow up transaction ( ONCE ) they located us the vehicle of Choice. *HERE IS WHERE THIS SHOULD HAVE GONE IN A DIFFERENT DIRECTION - THEN WHAT IT DID. (The Dealer) should have taken a Step Back and said ( HEY ) We have a large selection of that very same vehicle here on our lot. Perhaps, the best thing to do right now while waiting for the results of your credit application to come thru would be to look at the various options we have to show you from our current lot stock? Lets go out there and open a few doors and sit in a few seats to see if something ( HERE ) today might fit the bill you choose? ( W H Y ) is that the course of action that SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED - SO IMPORTANT NOW ? ( T H E Y ) were selling us a - Promise to Deliver - ( WITH OUT ) actually having something to show for it. By stepping away from the salespersons desk, getting outside in the warmth and sunshine, we could have looked over more than a dozen of the **** Ford Escape SE models on there lot today and Quite Possibly Drove away within Hours making this a ( WIN - WIN ) For all involved. This mind you, would not be considered a ( BAIT and Switch ) tactic you will hear more about later. This is simply showing an interested customer the wide array of options they have on hand instead of - Wishing, Hoping, Praying, the Exact one you- Promised - might actually be out there ( Some Where ) sooner rather than later. We, would have welcomed the change of scenery and at the very least, gotten a Up close and Personal view point of what the actual stock might present in the different packages and color selections. Remember, ( LOOKING ) is not the same as BUYING. They wanted ( US ) to commit to a Still ( Un-Seen ) Vehicle that was NO where in sight ( By - Passing ) Our rights to -Try It - Before You Buy It - Way of making sure what you ask for, is actually what you are getting instead. Hence, Why You are Reading - ALL - this NOW ! ! Based on that Previous Noted - MSRP - from the other dealer with the ( Sedona Orange Metallic **** Ford Escape SE model in stock ) Including the Vin.* we had given them at the beginning of all this it was going to be about $ **,***.oo and some change. QUICK SIDE BAR HERE: WE HAD STATED TO ALL WHO WERE THERE - MULTIPLE TIMES - ( LITTLE TO NO MILES ) ON THIS - YET - MYSTERY VEHICLE. NO JOKE - IT WAS HOW WE FELT IT SHOULD PLAY OUT - OTHERWISE YOUR BUYING SOMEONE ELSES ( USED VEHICLE ) NOT NEW AS IS WHAT WE WERE LOOKING INTO AFTER ALL … That All being stated, acknowledged, and confirmed, we could go to the next point of concern. ( My current vehicle finance deal ) was for *.*% interest with a ** month term meaning the monthly payment was at $ ***.oo per month. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO NOTE HERE. What they were telling me based on a still ( Un-Seen ) vehicle is that it would be close to that -butt- would not say for sure until all the exact numbers and details were confirmed. Care to take a Guess where things landed up after that ? With No Down Payment, and the Previous Vehicle used as a -Trade In - The numbers jumped up to $ ***.oo per month with a interest rate of *.*% at a ** month term. THAT IS NOT THE SAME - NOR - IS IT EVEN CLOSE WHEN YOU LOOK AT THE BOTTOM LINE AFTER THE LOAN IS COMPLETED. $ **.OO MORE PER MONTH AND AT *% HIGHER ( EACH AND EVERY MONTH ) for ** total months. That is $ *,***.oo Plus and change added to the price. Moral of this quick tidbit is this: Never Ever - Let Anyone Tell you ( ITS ) the Same as before - because the numbers do not lie. Do You Have Over Four Grand Burning a Hole in your pocket that you just need to get rid of in a hurry??? ( I ) don’t. AGAIN, WHAT SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED HERE? The Dealer should have stated that ( WE ) all go out onto the lot and look at what stock they currently had. MAKING SURE - that what we had asked them about was actually possible ( VERSUS ) being told what would or could happen making the difference of if or why, you might be reading all this now. With There ( Promise to Us ) that They would get in touch just as soon as they found the Vehicle In Question we left ( WONDERING ) Is this actually happening? Will it be what we had asked ? Are they just stringing us along to change things up after making us wait? Why would a dealer Promise us this ? Along with a Host of other such things making us that much more concerned then before, we had walked thru the dealers doors. Call it a GUT Feeling. When someone tells you some thing, that does -NOT- automatically mean that its (TRUE ) or going to be as they said it would be -Regardless -of what its about or where it might be coming from either. One week started to roll into the second, when we got a message saying they located ( The One ) and it would still be a few days more to get it to the dealers floor. I asked ( POINT BLANK ) Multiple times ( Little to No Miles ) RIGHT ? No reply, Then again ( Where ) is it coming from? ( No Reply). When I pressed the issue they commented, out of state might be a few more days. ( Little to No Miles ) Right ? No Reply. The pattern of events you are reading about here does not end now. It Grows and E X P L O D E S - like one could never imagine possible. From the start of our Quest to find out ( IF ) a Deal was possible based on Fords ads saying things like: End of Model Year discounts and savings, lower interest rates, higher rebates and incentives, great selection, and ready to roll on the lot dealer stock. We only started to look to see if the - HYPE- ( Matched ) the Reality. Now, here we are many weeks later based on a - PROMISE - that what we had inquired about - Was it Even Possible? Cutting to the chase, what ensued could only be Explained as ( Anything that could go wrong - Went Wrong ). In ways Only a Horror Film could exploit in greater darkness and depths of Anguish and Despair. Dramatic, Stressful, Frustrating, Over the Top, and Down Right Dirty Politics to boot - Non Stop. If you were someone who never had been down the road of car buying before ( MAYBE ) you would not have been so Offended or Disturbed, By such goings on. ( WE ) are not so timid as to believe ( THIS ) was the start of a War and the Battle was just heating up. EVERY ASPECT OF WHAT YOU ARE READING NOW, IS BASED ON FACT AND IS BEING RECORDED FOR THE EXCLUSIVE USE TO LAY OUT IN GREAT DETAIL HOW IT STARTED, WHEN DID IT GO WRONG, AND HOW THINGS ARE, AS I SIT HERE TODAY - WRITING IT FOR YOU TO BE INFORMED. Again I will state that being Handicaped with a Disability makes each and every task or duty that much more intense and difficult to carry out. Never-Ever- do I take such things lightly, or is it my intention to make Mountains out of Mole hills either. A Job, like everything else in life, is some thing you should do with pride and respect - along with understanding that demands the correct results as laid out for any given task. ***** UPS - are for those who Don’t Care and never will. Mistakes, only take place when the Explanations and Executions are not fully understood and therefore - fall short of Reality. Do it right ( Makes it Nice ) Do it wrong, and no one is going home early on this days long journey of back tracking to correct what it was supposed to be it in the first place. Quick Example that everyone should be able to relate to: ( ***** ) Right? Well what happens when you take ( *x* ) What does that equal ? ( * ) NO - its ( ONE ) as in -YOU- are the ( Only ONE ) who is Correct here. Simple math, becomes complicated in a hurry - just like instructions printed in a foreign language might as well not even be there at all. He Said - She Said - ( I ) Said, ( You ) Said, Everybody Said, something different. As the Customer, Its my Right to Walk away and Based on Everything your reading here ( THAT ) is what Should have happened. YET, given there ( PROMISE to US ) - that went Sideways in a Hurry and that is as close to coming up with the ( Number * ) as your answer - to the solution from the ( *x* ) equation we previously spoke of here. Directions being what they may ( WE ) did not sign up for the Freight train from **** fun house excursion that never ends. That is until all your hard earned money has been spent and flushed down the toilet of the dealerships growing tank of deception that flows like smoke and mirror tactics your reading about here. In All My Years ( I ) Have never had to Back track so many times in a row, and repeatedly explain ( THE Exact ) same issues as all this, regardless of who it was or why it was they were doing it wrong in the first place. The general manger at gordie boucher ford in west bend - chris flynn took a simple question and turned it into an Epic Jumbo Tron of a world wide event that never was asked for or intended from our very first encounter there. If a rating of a Negative - *** Zillion could come even close to explaining the amount and degree of Dis-Satisfaction on every level of this dealership and its staff as a whole ( it might be ) the tip of the iceberg that sank this ship on its maiden voyage from there home to ours. Car buying *** is a lesson in what you are looking for, what is out there, what you can get it for, and what it is you get, after its all said and done. Fair price, Fair rate, fair term, fair trade, fair exchange, and fair to say, it was worth the effort, for you do so from the start. Never Ever - should you be subjected to ( Its There Way ) or No Way, of Thinking and Demands. Scare tactics, Pressure to Sign, and the Out of No where, Hidden Fees, and Up Sell Negotiations of ( You can Pay me Now ) or you will be paying me later, at Closing with arguing of signing on the bottom line. Lets Make One Thing Perfectly Clear Here. We were interested in what was possible? If you are scratching your head wondering how did we get sucked into all this ( WELL ) Join the crowd. No Worries - was there battle cry . Time and time again and again ( NO WORRIES ) Just bring it in, No Worries, bring it in again. Really still an issue ( No Worries ) and the circle keeps going round and round. From the Very First Moment I saw this (Mystery Vehicle)- I pointed out to Multiple people the Problems it had. Made Dam sure they fully grasped how ( Upset I Was) and That This is NOT what I had asked for or wanted either. They Assured me ( NO Worries ) We can take care of everything. The important part here is what got you the vehicle, Come on lets have you sign on the dotted line so the rest of us can get on with our lives ( JIVE ). Each and Every Step became More Complicated and Only increased the Level of Issues and Stress, along with Drama of there ( NO WORRIES ) claim to fame speech of choice they sold me today. Say what you will, For this story has a very long way to go still. They had not Installed the Locking Lug Nuts or the Splash Guards as Requested prior to this ( WHICH ) is just one of the Forgotten Promises they said would be taken care of this to be a go. Nor did it have the Nitrogen Filled tires as expected it would based on our previous conversations. They also were trying to say that ( I ) needed to make an appointment once all the previously discussed ( OPTIONS ) were in stock to get the vehicle up to speed ( AFTER the Fact ) instead of what I Made a Point of saying before they Ever went searching for it in the First place. Instructions ( Why follow them ?) When we can **** off the customer and make them keep coming back instead? Does that fact of the matter miss its mark when I say ( Being Handicaped with a Disability ) is anything but a good time doing anything much less getting the run a round from the dealer in this town ? One week turned into two an...
Not only am I Handicaped with a Disability but I never would have bought a New Car - If they would have just said ( NO Deal )
boucher ford * ford motor co. Buy back at full purchase price ( S E L ) Up Sell and Fully Credit Returned ( SE ) - Lemon Model - Correct back to the - SE - lightening Blue Escape that Vanished - Only to Re-appear once more
for decades pride myself in being both honest and fair , Looking at the facts and then deciding whats wrong or right
have written you all about a dozen times with no resolution, contacted the dealer and ford directly , what more ? Nothing is as it should be . I am at my wits end , despair is all around
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ford dealer west bend wi. New car sale gone wrong - Exchange even worse
Customer service issue
Reported by GetHuman-mcldotco
Oct 30th, 2019 - 3 years ago
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