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Progress Toward Getting GetHuman2550681 a Rep

Our robot worked hard to get GetHuman2550681 a rep. Here's how far we got:
Dialed Credit One Bank's phone number.
Waded through Credit One Bank's phone maze to the right customer service department.
Waited on hold, enduring bad hold music and advertisements.
Got a rep on the line and called to put GetHuman2550681 in touch.
Connected GetHuman2550681 to a rep and is now resting up again for the next time help is needed.

How this service works

This is our most popular question, and it deserves a complete answer. GetHuman has been building free tools for consumers since 2004 to help combat the frustrations of customer service. Large brands like Credit One Bank don't always staff their call centers with enough people to answer your call promptly. Technology has made it easy for companies to handle the support needs of more customers by putting them in long hold lines, but is that really fair to the customer?
As one of our many free tools available to all customers, we built this service: a robot that waits on hold so that you don't have to. Some companies occassionally try out a "call-back" service as part of their customer phone operation, but it's very inconsistent. Our robot actually dials Credit One Bank's phone number, presses the numbers to navigate the ever-changing phone menu, and then sits and waits on hold for you. When an agent picks up, it calls you back and connects you.
Doing this is pretty expensive for GetHuman. We actually make all those phone calls with real phone numbers and accounts. And millions of customers use GetHuman every month. This service is our largest cost center every month, and the only way we're able to afford it is by showing ads on the website. So if you've ever wondered why we show ads, it's so we can provide this service free to you. We don't think you should have to pay to avoid the hold music and the waiting.
If you like this idea, please consider sharing with friends, family, co-workers, and whoever you think would prefer not to spend hours waiting on hold for companies like Credit One Bank and nearly every other large U.S. brand. Spreading the word will help support our efforts to build free tools for customers like you instead of companies that are trying to ignore them.
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GetHuman2550681 used the GetHuman Phone to request a call from Credit One Bank
Tuesday, Mar 19th, 2019 @ 06:26pm
Credit One Bank hung up on the robot before it could connect GetHuman2550681
Tuesday, Mar 19th, 2019 @ 07:26pm

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