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The #4 phone number for BB&T Bank support

Here is the best way to use 800-476-4228 to get customer help - or see our best BB&T Bank phone number - or see our best BB&T Bank contact info

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  • raja: Worst customer service ever
    Waited: 98 mins
  • RoyalAngee-: The instructions for the phone options were in...
    Waited: 20 mins
  • TiredNeedM-: I am so not liking this bank..Lack of communic...
    Waited: 20 mins
  • anonymous: I was trying to return a check card I found in...
    Waited: 20 mins
  • Skingedwar-: I was calling from a business trying to releas...
    Waited: 15 mins
  • Anonymous: Called at 11 at night to their 24 hour line. V...
    Waited: 14 mins
  • Isaac_Bern: I was calling about a mortgage, this number is...
    Waited: 10 mins
  • Lin: Got a human, but as usual no one can help me. ...
    Waited: 3 mins
  • Anonymous: I want to close my account with them
    Waited: 20 mins
  • Matt: I asked about my mortgage insurance and they s...
    Waited: 20 mins

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