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  • Anonymous: I feel like we never gonna win this is a scam ...
    Waited: 10 mins
  • Shatara jo-: Ok but don't think our kind win they never com...
    Waited: 10 mins
  • Anonymous--: I have done all in my power to reply to the hu...
    Waited: 10 mins
  • kenroy: I HATE to believe your a dcam.I have been invr...
    Waited: 30 mins
  • foxracer_1-: I have no idea why a angel baby would be calli...
    Waited: 1 min
  • marcella: in one of my email pch said they would be at m...
    Waited: 1 min
  • Anonymous: I have been trying to get a refund on an item ...
    Waited: 4 mins
  • Misi: When I sent check to pay monies came out of my...
    Waited: 21 mins
  • Duane: Iam tired of playing your games, You are Crook...
    Waited: 5 mins
  • A J: I called to express my dissatisfaction with a ...
    Waited: 10 mins

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