Verizon Wireless: Iphone. It's Happening.

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Someone cue Handel's "Messiah", or Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah", the long awaited news is becoming official - Verizon Wireless is getting the iPhone. In a move that has been highly speculated for the past year, tomorrow Verizon Wireless is set to announce the addition of the iPhone to it's network, and it gets better, the company claims they will not switch to tiered data plans. That's right, there's going to be a new iPhone from the carrier, and customers will have unlimited data plans. That's like someone handing you the keys to a Ferrari and telling you they'll pay for any speeding tickets. The move signals that not only is Verizon Wireless confident in it's network and it's recently upgraded capacity, but it's also a shot to AT&T who has faced nothing but complaints from customers about dropped calls. While Verizon Wireless has been building it's new 4G network, the iPhone is said to be initially released on the 3G network, with a newer 4G capable phone coming later this year. All in all, this is good news for both Verizon Wireless customers as well as for frustrated AT&T customers who love the iPhone functionality, but hate the poor network. Either way, it's time for Verizon Wireless to put their money where their mouth is. Verizon Wireless has long since boasted as having the nation's largest, strongest network, and by adding the iPhone, there's going to be a continued strain on the network with more users using large chunks of data in their phones. If Verizon Wireless is successful in proving to be a superior network, it's hard to not think the impact it will have on AT&T as customers will jump from a poor network to a superior one.

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Posted by GetHuman on Mon, 10 Jan 2011 2:59pm

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